Fox Hunting Thread

Fox whistling and hunting. Great fun but can be a challenge. Post your tips, hints, successes and failures here. Here is a pic from last year to kick things off. My grand son Evan was wrapped when I whistled this bugger in last year.

Lip squeaking rocks

Turns out .303 is a bit on the overkill side for foxes.

Yeah but I bet it was fun and you would do it again.

Yeah, any dead fox is a good fox mate.

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I don’t understand. What does it mean, overkill? Did it die and then the hydrostatic shock jolted it back to life or something? Overkill, lol. No such thing.

No but if you turn that fox over you will see that half his face came out his arse along with most of his guts.
And his good eye popped out of his skull.

It’s not called overkill it’s called a humane kill an he died instantly :upside_down_face:

Actually the tough little bastard still tried to bite me, lol. But yeah it was quick, like it should be.

Well done. You just saved the lives of a few hundred native birds and animals. :+1:

P.S. Shame the anti gunners and greens refuse to recognise that fact.


I can’t believe you’re arguing an overkill topic. What’s wrong? Have you been kidnapped and this is you signalling for help? @GUN-DMC I know would go fox hunting with 500NE!

It’s ok. I’m loading trunk full of ammo now. Help is on the way.

I’m kidding by the way, trunk is not full of ammo.

…I’m also bringing cookies.

Its only overkill because it would of been a nice skin and the kids always complain I haven’t got them a fox skin.
I’d shoot foxes with a howitzer if I had one, Lol!

Ok, good to know you’re safe.

Don’t let that stop you bringing me ammo and cookies!

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And not necessarily in that order.

No ammo and cookies are in the correct order of importance!