Forum Issues buttons missing

Before I start disturbing JS with problems that may not exist I thought I would ask if anyone else is having any forum issues.

What I am seeing or more importantly what I am not seeing are the little menu’s like the one next to your avatar at the top right of the page. If I hover my mouse in the area that it used to show in a little square of darker colour will show where the menu used to, If I click on that area the menu will show. Other things missing are the buttons at the end of a post such as the like button again it is there but just no showing. It may be my internet connection or perhaps even the anti virus protection software.

No problems my end, but I’m using an android not a pc, maybe it’s a browser issue on your end.

Thanks it means that it is something on my end. I hate computers sometimes.

Ive got no issues either mate.

Have you tried turning it off and on again?:grin:

I would clear your browser history completely, refresh, login and see if it persist.

Ok thanks Boss.