Forbiden words $%#@&

OK, I know that we have to be good and all but in the thread that I just made ( Juststartings new mission) it would not let me post it because it contained the word POOON (take one O out).

The funny part was it was part of a word (SPOOON again take a O out) is there a way to fix this?

Spoooons make people fat! Oh won’t somebody think of the children?
I mean other than the Catholic church!

Doesn’t allow the use of the name of the WWII German Chancellor, initials A.H., either.

But I am already fat, :joy:

Some words get through. I got fat using just a fork n knife.

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Heh. Let me clarify this…

We all have a different tolerance about what is appropriate, offensive and rude. Both @GUN-DMC and I, well, we are concise shall I say. And on a number of occasions mods deleted our posts! We are the freaking admins! Which is why they are mods I guess.

So, to remove ambiguity and variance in personal tolerances for what is and is not offensive. What should and should not be indexed by Google within the forum, etc. I decided to download and use a common ‘banned words’ list. The same list is used on a bunch of different forums. I did open it up a little.

This way there are no arguments about it. If it’s banned, it’s banned. If there’s a really good reason for removing something from the banned words list, we are always happy to hear why.

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@juststarting, I can understand that but it was part of a word that had me stumped.

Yeah, happens on occasion.

It’s in settings -> logs -> watched words

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