Footy season 2019.

Hell yeah it’s footy time again.
Pies for the flag this year i reckon!

Bugger…Lots of inane sports coverage for the next six months.

Yeah, I will watch very little of it though. Lol.
I’m a pretty crap fan…

I should be a big Collingwood fan, my Grandfather allegedly played for them in the 20’s (allegedly because I cannot find any record). He told me some stories about how players (and himself) were treated by clubs and that influenced my thinking, and put a brake on any interest in football.



Yaaaayyyy just what’s needed, 35 tv channels to choose from and bloody football on 30 of them.

Look out Netflix and Stan your in for a work out…

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Ah Collingwood fans, the only group of people where it’s common for people to have more fingers than teeth.


Collingwood supporting family sits down for evening meal. Father tells 14 year old daughter to stop smoking because it’s bad for the baby. Daughter replies, “I’ll smoke in front of my baby anytime I want!”


What’s footy… it should be called handball and some kick a ball.

Aerial ping pong.