Flexible stands and clamps DIY question

So, I have no idea what this is called and what not…


You see this type of flexible ‘thingy’ on a lot of things, camera mounts, lights, etc.

I would like to make a couple of flexible stands like this, for my reloading cave. For lights, camera, etc.

Initial thought was to use loc-line, but geeez that thing is so expensive for what it is. And I am unable to find cheap clone.

Wondering if anyone else is doing this? Made something like this? What did you use, specifically mounting point, etc.?

You mean like this?

My wife and I have been using one of these things https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/113278164505 to film whiteboards on tabletops for video lessons. The clamp for the camera is just a big Spring clip so could hold anything really. Might be useful.

Those are “helping hands”. Similar, but only one flexible arm with clamp on one side and mounting point on the other. And possibly longer than what you’d expect from a soldering station.

That’s it! Thanks! Something a little longer would be better, but it gives me a starting point :slight_smile:

75CM for $4! And comes in Dillon Blue lol. Ordered!


Oh, it’s actually, $16 not $4, arseholes. Well, still ordered! :confused: Probably a lot cheaper than DIY.

AliExpress seems to be 1/3 of the price :slight_smile: