First world problems. Choosing a scope.

As seems the usual with my gun purchasing expeditions, budgets were blown, impulses were succumbed too and things got crazy.
Anyway I literally bought a gun over the phone while trying to pre-order another. Saw a special while searching a phone number on their website.
Now, what to do with it.
A22R Pro varmint at 50% off retail. (Real cheap at the moment, why are gunshops so keen to offload them?)
What sort of scope should I put on this thing?
I mainly bought it for the unique action.

A cheap red dot or reflex i reckon :+1:

Yeah maybe. Will be getting at least one red dot.
Might get one decent one and gamble on a cheapie to compare.

They are reasonably accurate. So maybe a low powered variable AO.

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I’m kind of reminded of the “jousting sticks” gag from “The Castle”

They really are quite accurate it will shoot much better than red dot resolution. I put an old 80,s scope I had a variable Simmons I think it is a 4-12 which is pretty well suited to the rifle I think the 4 times makes for quick easy sighting suiting the fast firing mode and then can be wound up a bit to take advantage of the accuracy if you want to plink smaller targets.

Good to know. I started doing research AFTER I bought the bloody thing. Most seem happy with the accuracy. A 4x12 sounds like a good compromise.

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Got 3-7 on mine.

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Which leads me to ask again, why are these things being cleared out so cheap?
Not selling?
New model on the horizon?
Concerned about future law changes?
But then why import the cz lever release.
It’s a decent rifle for $650 , I’m not complaining.
Standard rifles available around $500.
All versions were over a grand when released.

Most likely because Cz is coming and people are not buying the varmint model, because they are unproportionally expensive.

Also, bad rap due to heavy trigger and probably OzzieReviews review didn’t help when he got a dud.

I am pretty happy with mine. Lever release can be lightened, trigger a little bit, gun is accurate and eats pretty much all bulk ammo I feed it.

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I think it’s because the cz is coming, it’s like the Adler lever action, no one wants it now you can get all these straight pulls

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They are a sub $300 rifle in semi form in the USA. Maybe they just stopped reaming with competition on the horizon.

Yeah, at $1250 or so, there was no chance.

depends what you want to use it for, probably don’t want to spend to much, i’d go a 4-12 x40 vortex or something, low enough to plink the shit out of stuff high enough to get some form of detail if required but you’d want long eye relief pretty sure i’ve shot on from one of the guys here, @sungazer ? And it was just load and empty within a few seconds

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Cleavers have 4-12x40 Vortex Diamondbacks for $350 rn.

Dunno if they’re in stock though. I’m on back order for one, and they were supposed to be coming in at the end of this month.

Rookie mistake, never trust Cleavers’ website. Call them and ask…

I did when I bought it at the start of June lol. They said they were in stock.

2 hrs later, I get a call back that it’s backorder, but would only take 2 weeks…

Fair enough… Well, option 1 - wait, option 2 - shop around and get a refund. ships to AU and quite reasonable.

I saw an ATN Day/Night X-sight scope the other day for $1200, and I was lowkey tempted to cancel my Cleavers order for that. Would have been cool, as I have night time access as well to the property.

For OpticsPlanet, is there any restrictions on what they can post here? Just basic scopes?

That, I am not sure about. Probably there are restrictions, but out of your price range :slight_smile: