First Time Shooting Experiance for my nephew, (Massive thanks to JS).

Well I just got off the phone from my nephew, what an afternoon the pup got to spend with one of our resident chronic enablers… :heart_eyes:

I was skipping around like a little schoolgirl while listening to his recount of the day. :grinning:

Here’s a couple of pics he sent me,

Pretty darn good, especially for a first time out.

Love this last pic :sparkling_heart:, I still have the brass from the first shot I ever made. Gold… :beers:




Was talking to JS earlier and he said that he is not allowed to go with him again as he out shot him lol…

In all seriousness, it is good that he had a good shoot the first time out as that will always stay with him and will make him want to keep doing it. Good on JS for taking the time to teach him, we need to do more of this to encourage/inform non shooters to take up the sport.


Hell yeah, It was awesome that @juststarting was willing to do such a thing, I can’t thank him enough.!!!
I’ll be shouting the beers when we go out for a deer stalking trip when it cools down a bit… :grinning:

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you joke… but in all seriousness I did ask a couple of times if he ever shot before lol. Those pics weren’t even the best groups, mind you all free hand and unsupported. Not to mention dropping plates with in double action with full 357 loads. Very impressed.


Nephew here! It was an absolutely ripper day, thanks again so much to @juststarting for taking me out (and for absolutely spoiling me with his arsenal; I think the S&W was my favourite) and to @darwindingo for setting it up.

Will post something soon about the experience in more detail, since the perspective of a total newbie (as in, never even held a gun before, much less fired one) might be interesting to some.


Don’t let him brainwash you into thinking they are the best revolvers out there lol :wink: :wink: :joy: :joy: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Glad you enjoyed the experience and hope that you will soon be taking the next step in the process

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Yeah and welcome to the site @dingopup
Have you decided on a press yet?


You’re gonna back that up with some brainwashing of your own, I hope. Lol

Of course lol, I think he should look at a nice Ruger GP100 but as he has a very nice Uncle (who might make up the difference lol) he should look at the Super GP100 Competition , more expensive but very nice.

They also come in 9mm but …

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Revolvers are obsolete, they just are. They are fun to shoot, but they are obsolete, so there’s that. Anything beyond a classic look is like polishing a turd, because, well, it’s obsolete and it’s still a turd, albeit a polished one. So now that we have these 2 options, classic - class and style; or a polished turd, I have no idea why anyone other than a sandgroper would pick a turd. Just saying… :rofl:

Reply of the year so far!

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