First Rifle Help! Which Stock/Chassis for Howa 1500 Creedmoor

You’re in Victoria right? It’s probably going to be another $100 - $150 to get it sent down here and registered.

@juststarting has a neat trick with socks and rice for making sandbags

As for scopes, Cleavers sometimes has nicer scopes on special. I think they had the Vortex Viper around the 800-1000 mark. Though they can make you wait for ages if they’re not in stock. I had to wait about 4 months for my Vortex to arrive lol.

Oh yep thanks for pointing that out. They also have a wide range of scopes so I might just purchase it railed and scoped.


That’s alright I’ll side budget for those costs. Yeah they have a good optics range so I’ll see what I can fit into the budget and hopefully be able to get it as a package.

We talked about this, we don’t discuss our spankerchief in public!


No such thing, we are all happy to help and you will always find good information from asking the question even if you go down a different path.

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Yeah no problem. Passing on experiences is what the forum is all about. I did exactly what you are planning but for different reasons. I bought a 6.5C and a 223 barreled actions from Cleavers and a MDT chassis that they can both share. The need different mags both PMags due to different length ect. In the end I found the chassis a bit to heavy to carry around and have put the 223 back into a conventional stock. No tacticool look is the downside but them got another gun to fill that gap. :grinning:

This combo should just sneak in your $3.5k budget and be and excellent shooting combo!
You will likely find Howa are chambered for shorter bullets so unless you are getting alterations or a new barrel fitted, larger mags and longer actions are kind of pointless.

This is the type of post that makes me shake my head.
Now before everyone has a go at biting my head off, I’m not trying to discourage the person but lets just re-read the main points:

Talk about jumping in the deep end. Are we talking competition here or just “plinking” type of target shooting?
Perhaps you have previous experience in shooting that you haven’t detailed to us?
Competitive long range shooting is a skill that requires building up to, " I want to start shooting groups at 300-400m " is like wanting to drive a V8 Supercar when you are on your “L’s”.
Building a rifle, tuning loads, being able to read wind and mirage to be able to shoot consistently for competition isn’t something you just take up.
Granted, some folks do have a natural ability that may see them appear to do well when they first have a go. In my experience however, that is usually when they have a go with someone else’s set up. Getting behind a rifle that someone else has done the hard yards with to get to the point where it will consistently hit the target at long range and pulling the trigger is a lot different to what is being talked about here.
Have a look on the used gun market, lot’s of “I want to shoot long range” guns for sale with very low round counts. Reality can kick you in the nuts quite hard when it sets in.

Let the flaming begin…


Na, I agree. He should spend a few hundred bucks on an Omark 44, buy a half decent scope and spend the other 2.5k on ammo.


I’ve been out under licensed friends over the years prior to getting my own license. I’m not an expert but I’ve been able to hit 500m with relative ease, shot some 1 inch groups at 100m and we did some groups at 200m that were reasonably tight. I’ve fired 22-250, .308 and .22. However, I now want to start fresh on my own rig.

If you want a detailed plan, I’m going to start at 100m and build skill there then gradually progress. I’ll add 50-100m every time I’m putting together consistent and relatively easy groups at the previous given range with the aim to stay consistent within the MOA of the rifle. As far as I have researched the Howa 1500 is capable of .7 inches at 100 from the factory. So when I can consistently group below an inch at 100m in 5 shot groups, I’ll progress to 200 until I can consistently make sub 2 inch groups etc.

eventually, after maybe a year depending how often I get to the range, I’d like to make the trip to the longer range and gradually go beyond 500, at which point I will have developed a good understanding of windage along with a good feel for the rifle and have the necessary skill to go beyond.

When I take things up, I start small with the long term goal of mastering a skill, I’m not just some ego driven sub 100 IQ idiot that’s thinking “f*cK yEaH bRoE iMmA sHoOt 2000m oFf dA bAt”. I do things long term with gradual progression and progress as my skill and understanding develops. I’m patient.
As far as I’m concerned all shooting is fun and getting consistent groups at 100m is just as appealing to me as eventually making long shots. The process of learning and the challenge that comes with it is equally exciting.

Thanks for putting this together man, I hadn’t come across that scope.

I’ve sourced a Howa 1500 already in an MDT XRS for $1350 and have a few scopes I’ve been researching and tossing up between, I’ll give this Sighton a good look. That bipod looks super solid, hopefully it fits into the budget after everything else.


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I am a little afraid to argue with most people here, they shit more experience on any given morning than I have in total… But… Geeez, bunch of grumps. Every statement here is correct, but dude wants a nice funky rifle with a good scope, all doable on the budget he has. :smiley: Much easier and heaps more fun learning on a V8 than an old Hyundai. He’s not doing anything wrong and coming into it knowing that it’s not a hunting rig… Go forth, buy and learn!

@sbd850 as a side note, the same grump guys who are giving you advise would put most rounds through the same ragged hole at 100m on most days, some, without optics, so they kinda know what they are talking about :wink:

But I am with you, buy what you will enjoy running (and then a reloading press).


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The .308 I’ve fired is actually in a RPR. And whilst this is a killer deal, I don’t like to bolt, it felt rough and clunky.

I’ve never actually fired or even felt a Howa (might seem silly that I’m going for one), but I have fired a Tikka (in 22-250) and from everything I’ve heard, the Howa is just about as smooth as the Tikka. I was considering a Tikka action but as they don’t sell individual actions I’d have to purchase the whole rifle and replace the stock with the XRS. From what I’ve heard, the Howa is on par regardless and is better built overall. Anyway I’m rambling…

Thanks for the suggestion though, that is a really solid deal, I just can’t get past the bolt on the Ruger.

Didn’t mean to be a grump, I just wanted to point out to the guy that I have a long term plan in mind. Just like driving, indeed, you start in something slow, learn the fundamentals of things such as heel and toe, the best apex lines, grip limits etc. and pull off decent laps in a slow car before you build up to a performance car.

Long term goal with a gradual plan. And yes I’m well aware that everyone here is well more experienced, hence why I ask questions here. I just didn’t want to be taken for a fool is all.
One rule I’ve lived by that has allowed me to be successful in other things is that if you want to be good at something, learn from someone who’s already done what you strive to do.

I meant everyone else, not you :slight_smile:

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Howa is never really going to be a competitive set up, no matter how you dress it. Great for plinking at range, though. There are a few things you can do yourself to improve shot to shot improvement of the rifle, like bedding, lapping lugs, etc.
However, the best thing, as others have suggested, is shoot a butt load and improve your technique. Also, learn to load your own ammo but that’s a whole new rabbit Warren! :rofl:

Also, wind is a bitch! :face_with_monocle::+1:

Not sure about that one though I have not shot or played with a lot of Howa’s but the Tikka are a very well put together rifle and are basically a entry level Sako, they share the same action and triggers though the Sako is better refined.

Hmmm what actions in the same price range would you say are better?

Though I’m sure the Howa will be fine for my needs.

I agree, a pillar bedded, and floated barreled action in a decent piece of walnut, will shoot as good if not better. Just lacks the adjustablility of the chassis, but we know what happens, when we have too much to play with… …