First Centrefire

I’m lookin at a centrefire. I
I’m at a major crossroad. 223 or 308…smaller or larger, simple as that.
Both are good, cheap and ample.

I want it purely for target work. I want to use it for comps in the near future

I got the nod from the wife for a couple of grand + accessories (an NF scope is an accessory, right?)

I was on Oz Gun Sales and chubbed a little when I saw the Browning X Bolt Long Range. Seems to be everything you’d want in a first target CF
But it’s in 223rem and 308 win. I like both of those :wink:

So, what do you boffins think? Are these Brownings any good? Do you know of any other out of the box set ups in the same $ range?

Is either calibre more versatile than the other?

Feed me some wisdom. I’m all ears :speak_no_evil:

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308 every day…way more versatile, if you reload…

Sounds pretty sexy hey

And it’s in left handed too :metal:

If you’re looking for a “project” rifle, that you will spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars accurizing, then this ISN’T the rifle for you. X-Bolt Long Range rifles will perform right out of the box. You don’t need to add a better trigger, bed the action, free float the barrel… all of that has been done.

Built for function. It comes with a Laminate stock and adjustable cheek piece. The fluted stainless heavy sporter barrel is threaded for a suppressor and comes with both a thread protector and muzzle brake. The extended bolt handle makes round chambering easier so you can keep your eyes on the target.

RECEIVER – Steel; Matte blued; Glass bedded; Drilled and tapped for scope mounts
BARREL – 26” stainless heavy sporter; Matte finish; Free-floating; Hand chambered; Target crown; Muzzle brake on 5/8-24 suppressor threads; 1/2-28 on 223 and 22/250; Thread protector included
ACTION – Bolt-action; 60° bolt lift; Adjustable Feather Trigger; Detachable rotary magazine; Top-tang safety; Bolt unlock button; Extended bolt handle
STOCK – Left-handed, Laminate grey satin varnish finish; Inflex recoil pad; Adjustable Monte Carlo comb
FEATURES – Sling swivel studs installed

Of the 2 I would go the 308.

From what I have heard the Browning X bolt is a pretty decent rifle

Target. Comps in future.
Get a 223rem to start. Learn good technique without significant recoil. Learn to read wind and still capable out at 600m and further with heavier bullets.

I’m going to suggest 223 as well if it’s for target work. Browning does 1:8 twist, so you can use heavier bullets too (223). It’s very easy on the shoulder and the wallet. 308 is very expensive to plink with these days, especially if you don’t reload. X-Bolt 223 is a laser beam. It’s economical and it’s fun to shoot all day.

Also, depending on the competition you want to participate in. But for target work, you can’t go wrong with 223 and definitely can’t go wrong with a X-Bolt.

How deep are your pockets?

Poor = .223
Moderately less poor = .308 and :slight_smile:

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If its economy you want, get the 308, and shoot cast bullets, cheaper than any 223 bullet. 223 cast can be tricky, and you will need a 12 or even better 14 twist barrel, which seem hard to find these days…

I confess…I’m a castbulletaholic! Sorry everyone…

Yes, for sure, cast is sooo much cheaper after you buy powder, primers, press setup, learn to reload, fail a few hundred times… On a 308 especially running them at a much slower speed with a lot less accuracy, leading the fuck out of your barrel too at those speeds… C’mon man! This is not a good advice for ‘first rifle’ question. Reloading is great, but this should never be part of a plan to buy a first rifle.

Just get a good 223 and you will be fine. 308 is a little more versatile, but a lot more expensive to run.

p.s. if you are doing target work, have you considered something else too, like 6 and 6.5mm cartridges?

Yeah not too keen on reloading just yet. I’m sure I will down the track sometime.

I must say I haven’t really looked into 6 or 6.5 stuff. Seems to be a lot of variables to that stuff.

Again maybe down the track. I think the 223 is a good starting point

Thanks for the replies

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Not a LOT less accurate, and with considerable effort can rival jacket speeds, without leading. I did apologize…give me a break ‘man’

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No, no breaks :slight_smile:

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Ok get the 223, cheap enough, ammo aplenty, and abundance of info from the sheep on here lol! Grabbing the popcorn…

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Calmly walks up to @MaxJon and kicks the popcorn out of his hands.

Calmly walks off.

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Haha, I thought a kick in the balls was coming…

I would also look at 6.5cm if just for target work.
If not then definitely .223 over .308
Cheaper to run, nicer to shoot.

Just a thought, have a look at the competitions that you think you might be interested in and make sure the rifle you get meets any specs they have in their rulebook. Most comps have restrictions of one form or another, it may be weight, calibre, stock dimensions, etc.
If your choice of rifle doesn’t meet the specs, you might have to buy another one,…oh, wait, I don’t see that as a problem, just genuine need. :wink:


Buy both, tell the wife you need to try them both out to see which you like better.
Spend the rest of your life trying to decide which you like better!
Spend a few hundred on an omark 44 in 308, then celebrate your massive savings by spending them on a .223.
Don’t be scared to buy second hand rifles.


Now your talking!! Vintage is the go!!

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