FIREARMS PROFILE: Unknown Prototype Pistol

Unknown Prototype Pistol
The product of an unknown maker, with no visible markings. Fitted with blade and notch sights, the action is gravity fed from a set of three tubular magazines secured to the barrel, which rotate freely, are locked in place by a pin extending into a recoil shield, and are loaded through a channel on top that doubles as a sight cutout. Mechanically, the pistol is operated with a sliding knob on the left side above the trigger, which is pushed forward to advance the barrel 1 1/4", raise the lifter, and move an arm which starts the cartridge into the breech, and pulled back to return the barrel, finish chambering the cartridge, and drop the lifter. An extractor is absent from the right side of the frame. Smooth one piece grip, with lanyard swivel.
BBL: 6 1/2 inch round
Gauge: 45
Finish: nickel
Grips: walnut
It was sold in 2010 for just under $3000US

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I think i can see why it is unkown and nobody remembers the maker…