Firearms license background check

Hi all

The information on the P650 form is rather ambiguous.

I have seen a Freedom of information act request stating that Police NSW does not have the authority to access my health records, but I have also seen that they have a backdoor which is the Medicare receipts register.

so via looking at our receipts, they are able to form an “estimated” knowledge of our medical history and make an assessment like that.

That seems illegal, but it is technically legal in a grey zone.

I cannot for the life of me find any information on the police nsw website if they actually conduct a medical background check, does anyone know if they do?

If so, the accessing of our private medical info is a really big breach into our private lives, and unless a doctor has forewarned them due to suspicious patient behavior, they should have no means of making a character assessment according to some random unqualified person’s bias and judgment tones.

Being a fit and proper person really seems like it can be used as a definition with rather broad boundaries.

please advise.

Firstly mate, welcome to the site!

I’m not sure what advice we can give here, none of us are NSW Police as far as I’m aware.
I did wonder when i was first filling out a P650 what the point was asking all the questions on there, the club has no idea if you’re full of shit or not.

As to what lengths the PoPo go to to verify the infomation I have no idea, I don’t imagine its any more thourough than when you do your AB license.
Do you have a longarms license mate and what specifically are you worried about them finding out?

Its a good thing that they want to prevent people who could be a danger to themselves or other from gaining access to pistols. The gun grabbers and the tards don’t need any more excuses to come after us.
But how they gain the information they use to assess us is outside of my realm of knowledge.

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Thanks for your response and thanks for the welcome !

Moreso I am concerned about legal over reach. I am clear myself but the ambiguous nature of the police stating they check you but do not specify what exactly they do check is unfair to the applicant, if you want to check something, the someone that is being audited should have the right to know what is being audited.

As we have the right to disclose medical information without my consent they should not be able to without the courts orderinf a medical check under reasonable grounds, which would make peering into our private info legal, but some guy at the firearms registry with no psychological training, making a character judgement against what checklist if any? Is unfair in my opinion.

No license atm but I am going for target shooting long arms and pistol.

I’m going to pass, i just don’t like that we have to request information about them requesting information to be given shitty answers that don’t actually answer your question.

And the backdoor nature of seeing our Medicare records to make the judgement is inherently dishonest business.

I agree with keeping nutheads away from guns, don’t need any shit going on like in the USA. The over reach of the controlling bodies trying to take weapons away is already very heavy.

Weapons experience

6 year army cadet 26th battalion.
6 years working on far west NSW farms.

That should be grounds enough to grant a license to someone with prior learning. But I’ve found that the process has excessive laden with bureaucratic shit.

Practicing to be a lawyer. So the subject interests me, they could face a class action lawsuit for this kind of behaviour.

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Its my understanding that they won’t knock someone back off of their (the registry) own judgement, but that they will ask for further info from your treating doctor/ specialist/ shrink etc.
Which I believe is they same way that drivers licences are done.
But I am new to the whole of NSW systems and have a lot to learn.

Dont know how much help ive been but your welcome mate.
There is more to Oz Gun Loby than you can see now, as you participate, post and interact you will gain access to more sections, including the handgun section.
Anyway mate as I said before, welcome!

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It wouldn’t just be mental health.

If you have sleep apnoea for example they might want to confirm it is being treated appropriately.

Or if you’ve had a traumatic brain injury or stroke that you don’t have any residual deficits.

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Cheers fellas thanks much appreciated :+1:

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I was surprised to learn the other day how a health condition can fuck you over in other areas of life.
My brother has just had a stroke luckily it doesn’t look like it has left him with any serious life long infliction’s. However during the process you are asked what you do work ect as you are checked in at the hospital. During his stay he is told that as a commercial truck driver he will lose his license and no longer be allowed to drive a truck.

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Diabetes did the same thing to my dad and ended his truck driving days.
Hope your brothers ok mate!

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Damn that sucks, here’s to his recovery!

A young fella with epilepsy got rejected for gun license over here even though it is controlled and hasn’t had an episode for some time.

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It seems they are making decisions based off backdoor entrances to our medical data via requests to medicare for our medical benefit scheme info. shady asf, again how can they reject an epileptic without themselves being doctors, do they check everyone like this ?

class action lawsuits $$$$

They have complete discretion over whether you are a “fit” and proper person.

Delete your my health record as well. There’s nothing in the regulations that I can find that prevents them fishing in that without a warrant. Just the government saying they wouldn’t let them.


Yeah, most shooters I know are proper people, but super unfit and would benefit from a better diet.


What criteria do they deem characterizes a fit and proper person?

Where do they find that information to tick those boxes?

There is no transparency here and the fact that they go backdoor (when ?) ( on what percentage of applicants?)

never realised aus was becoming so restricted, not much freedom here anymore.

Fit and proper is generally understood reasonably well and the same everywhere. Not a criminal, not a habitual bad driver (i.e. can’t be trusted with a vehicle, can’t be trusted with a gun), no track record of violence, etc. A lot of tin foil being unrolled here. As for medical conditions, I believe an accompanying letter from a doctor generally answers that question (fact). Regarding unauthorised data access, I am fairly sure it’s a big (no-no) deal to do that and it’s reasonably hard to hide that evidence (if someone starts looking) of access in quantity you are inferring that it happens at. So I am not sure where this is coming form or why.

Sounds like you just need a good range day :slight_smile:

Characteristics of a fit and proper person to carry out building inspections

You’ll find similar terminology in any kind of healthcare registration

Yes I do need a range day

In NSW, the P650 is a statutory declaration made by the person themselves. It is then assessed by a club/range official on the spot. If you haven’t ticked any “wrong boxes”, it will be signed off and you will be able to proceed with your safe handling course, try shooting day, or whatever reason you filled the form in for. The club /range files it away and that’s where it stays. I think you’re being paranoid.

In the NT we have just one question on character judgement:

“Do you currently or have you in the past considered yourself to be a ‘soverign citizen’?”

Answer ‘No’ : Applicant approved.
Answer ‘Yes’ : Applicant to be executed on the spot


Harsh but fair

The only problem there is that most of the ones who’d tick YES wouldn’t be capable of reading the question in the first place.

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