Firearm Trajectories & Hunting.

I’ve been looking at some common cartridge trajectories. (I’m sure I’m not the first here). Any way I’ve come to the conclusion that for hunting medium to largish game out to about 250 yards I can treat them all the same. Very little in it at 200 yards. Here are some numbers. What do others think?


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Cool numbers, pretty similar could pretty much get a sight picture around the front leg with all of those cals and squeeze of with confidence with whatever animal your shooting with the appropriate calibre from the list

Yes practically and realistically the trajectories are very similar for nearly all of the calibers even out to 1000 yrds. The 50 BMG is nearly the same as the 308 and a 223. The 308 and 223 are grouped together in competition as with the projectiles specified the trajectories are nearly identical.
General rule of thumb could be 3 MOA for every 100yrds past 300yrds

It actually boils down to what you are shooting at. Bullet weight and design are the more important things to look at, ( at least they are for me ) . You aren’t realistically going deer hunting with a light, frangible bullet in a .223 or .243, nor are you going rabbit or fox shooting with a 220 grain partition in your .30 cal.
@Oldbloke, you say medium to largish game out to 250m, personally, I wouldn’t look at anything under 120gr / .25 cal, 140gr / 6.5mm, 150gr / 7mm, 165gr / .30 cal, 180gr / .35 cal.

Perhaps I created can bit of confusion.

My main point is apart from very small targets e.g. a rabbits head. Up to about 225 yards there is no need to concern yourself about the trajectory. (assuming you’re sighted in OK) as they are almost identical. Just point and shoot.
When I looked at it I expected a much bigger variation in the trajectory at the longer distances.