Field Dressing Rabbits without a Knife

Someone sent me this, was apparently in a survival manual.

I’m curious as to whether this would actually work?

Yes, it does. This is an old Rabbiters method I was taught by a Ferretter who supplied rabbits to butchers, decades ago. Cheers.

Apparently not as easy as people make it look.

I guess if you swinging it might be easier than pushing them out.

I’ll have to try it one day.

Do you own a cat?

No, why do you ask?

Never mind.

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If you hold them by the ears and the back legs and pull down sharply. A soft pull/snap downwards will break the neck of a live rabbit. A more forceful effort will take the head clean off at the neck. Yes this works I have done it several times by accident. Once the head is off you can peel the skin back like a sock then place it over a coat wire hanger to stretch it.

@juststarting do you have a collection of noses? A couple of possum ones as well from the suburbs:grin:

Heh, not at all, but I have photos of a mysterious hand wearing a bunny like a glove lol

Best way to skin, gut & bone a bunny without a knife is to apply one of these.

I will admit it doesn’t leave a lot of meat though.


Hey! Thats not nice!!

The 223 works to!