Feral cat/panther/hoax or just a load of nope!

So, watch the video… WTF!


Last time I went hunting, a few weeks ago, I saw a big German Shepherd looking dog, sneaking around and behind the hunting group. I was sitting on a hill watching things and saw this thing dart between the bushes, maybe a hundred or so meters away. Not enough time to shoulder the rifle. Interesting feeling knowing there’s a dog that could take you down, to your rear, thinking about the same thing you are, only about you… I wouldn’t say it was a scary feeling, but a little later I did question the possibilities.

It’s hard to tell how big this cat is, guessing it’s a cat by the tail. Could be a big feral, could be a hoax, could be a… Nope, I am calling in an air strike.

Exciting though… Makes the stalk a little more intense :wink: Also, why hunters should be allowed to carry sidearms!

I don’t normally tell people about it coz people already think I’m nuts, but my brother and I saw one near winchelsea, Vic early one morning on the way to a job about 3 years ago.
I did some googling and there have been lots of sightings out that way.


At risk of sounding as crazy as DMC…

About 25 years ago, Jerusalem Creek Arm of Lake Eildon. Drowning a worm and staring at the opposite ridge line and I noticed a sandy coloured critter loping along about half way up. I remember thinking to myself that I didn’t think there were still yellow dingos in that area and looking closely I noticed the way it ate up ground in that slinky, cat like manner, it’s lack of a dog like snout and the way it held it’s tail like the tail was just following it along… you know… like a cat does.

This thing had to be at least the size of a large dog and I watched if for a good few minutes before it hit full canopy cover again…

Totally open to the possibility that big cats are around in the Aussie bush.

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I saw something similar at Lake Eildon 30 years ago. It moved like a cat and was big but I only got a glimpse of it as it crossed the bush track we were hiking on

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Thing is, if they did exist they’d be evidence. A carcas, DNA samples, poo, a dead camper or two… Then again, we do see deep sea creatures wash up that we haven’t seen before. Possible, but very unlikely.

@sungazer So I’m not completely crazy after all…

@juststarting To find evidence, you need to be looking for it.

I’m sure there are dedicated puma hunters who actively are.