Feeling toey! I don't think it's ment to bend that way....

I don’t think it’s supposed to go that way!

Bloody dog was jumping all around me this morning when I was getting him some Tucker I went to step around him and kicked the bloody verandah post.
Verandah post 1
Bentaz 0.
Dislocated, broke the toe bone from end to end up the middle and snapped the end off it, lol!

Bugger I bet the dog is still running after all the yelling :joy:
Glad to see that was all the damage from the weekend and that you could still manage a smile, or is that from the gas???.

I had to laugh mate, it was just to stupid not too.
Bloody dog is deaf as a post and couldn’t give two shits, he probable only cared that I dropped the dog bowl and the chooks snatched most off his breaky

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Having broken more than one toe myself you have my sympathy. Hope you are able to move around enough.

Looking at those photos, I got a tingling feeling down my spine. Been there, just had a flash back. Damn that’s nasty. Get well.

Yeah it’s not to bad as long as I’m mindful of not bumping it. It’s stuffed up next weeks hunt plans though which sucks



I guess that is what happens when you go home to get in good with Wifey, get a good nights sleep and a morning snuggle. :grin:

Hope your feeling better soon mate and have something to help with the pain when the stuff from the hospital wears off.

@sungazer his wife is out of town. Double bummer. LOL

Yeah thanks mate, but no wife atm!

It’s just karma for not posting live updates from Plinkfest 2018! :wink:

Lol Yeah, I don’t think I even took any pics this time.

Seriously, though… that’s gotta freakin’ hurt!
Stay off it and let it heal well or it will bother you for AGES!

That’s what the doc said, stay off it for 3 weeks or put up with it for ages!

You should be put in the sin bin if that is so.
I hope atleast one of you took photos…

There are some photos… They need to be scrubbed a little. LOL I’ll see what I can do.

That’s good, we don’t need to see @GUN-DMC running around with no pants on. :woozy_face::woozy_face:

Ouch, I did a similar thing many years ago so can sympathise. Hope you heal well mate.

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Cheers mate.

Sheesh. That’s a real bummer. Hope it comes good soon. Now I need a new mate to go hunting with.