Fancy Shotgun Shells

I was just surfing the net and one thing led to another and I found this

It looks a whole lot more interesting than just a bird scaring shell which seems a bit dumb anyway surly just the sound of a shotty going off would scare birds 50m away why do you need to shoot a cracker to get a delayed and projected bang?

Sounds kinda like a flash bang… i wonder how well it goes through windows :thinking:

You need professional help. I don’t mean financial assistance to buy them. I’m leaning towards a psychologist lol Or a kitten.

So you want to go halves on shipping :slight_smile:

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I do, plus we need some of the extended range rubber slugs too.

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I think I have to spend some money.

Emailed. Stay tuned when I hear back.

I sent them a message as well. They are happy to ship ammunition for $19.99 that somehow doesnt fall into dangerous goods like these do with the BP.

I am really surprised that they have all those different rubber loads available and in stock. Marketed as home defense, animal defense and piss of animal sizes.

I don’t think you’re correct re $19. That’s not dangerous goods shipping. As for different loads, what’s the issue? I mean, surely you’d be happy with a pack of budget 308s, ay :slight_smile: I’m really surprised you’re allowed to make them lol

Anyway, let’s keep this shit on track. I’ll find out more tomorrow.

I’ve used them and shot them out of shotguns working on the prawn farms shooting in the air to disperse birds from landing on the prawn ponds to try n stop white spot spread Back 2 years ago. They [email protected]$k guns real quick. Most airports I believe use them too. I wouldn’t shoot them out of my gun lets just say that.

how do they mess guns up, @Justice?

Good thing we know a bloke with a few old single barrels then eh :wink:

19.90 is their minimum charge for any shipping, the actual cost of the ammo + DG charges is what you will pay for bird fright. Used to play with it years ago when a mate from Tullamarine Airport used to sell us boxes of it for $8. Stuff is terribly expensive now, and most farmers and airports use gas cannons so bird fright is hard to come by. A packet from this mob to Vic would work out at nearly $13 per cartridge, May want to check Regs before buying, as I think someone mentioned this stuff was now regulated, Cheers.

They rott out barrels, they use black powder in them. I watched new guns go to pitted out barrels in a couple of weeks. It " can be used in M, IC & C choked firearms (NOT for use in Full or IM chocked firearms)" I even saw them explode in the barrels and put bulges in them and nearly split them. When speaking to a guy that works at an airport he said W,H&S made them replace their shotties every 6 months due to the risks…

This is pretty much all they do…

They can certainly root a barrel if you don’t clean properly straight after use, but we never had one go off in a barrel. Was it full choked? As you said, tight chokes can seriously slow them down. We used them in a pump action Mossberg (that’s how long ago it was! ) and they went well, but in the Hollis pigeon with 3/4 chokes they didn’t get much height. Cheers.

@juststarting for a smart fella sometimes you dont read too well. Always jumping to conclusions :grin:.

So I bought a couple of sticks of Magnesium off ebay a while ago when we were all talking about old school fire lighting or more no matches or cigarette lighter fire lighting.

Yes straight sticks of magnesium not the ferro rods I got some of those too. Idea is you scrape shards into your tinder and they catch fire and burn hot.

So no surprises perhaps I will go DIY :joy:

I dont see how they would be bad for barrels make a normal base load to fire the wad nothing in the wad is ignited other than a fuse.

As a kid I made multi stage sky rockets by drilling out the top filler which was clay and then push the fuse of the next rocket in the top of the lower one. A small loop of sticky tape around the stick to keep the top rocket on board but loose enough for it to launch. Yes it did work well most of the time.

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Joke’s on you! The underpinning assumption is wrong! Lol