Fallow Deer Hunting Thread

Fallow Deer Thread. Just thought I would get this going. Numbers have inceased over the years and i need all the help I can get. Lol A good place to leave any tips or hints and hunting results

They’re over in the Ovens Valley. Escapees from deer farms I think. I don’t hunt much over there. None around here.

Hunt the fringes

I agree. Thats the spot. Near pine plantations too

How did you go @Oldbloke?

No good mate. No deer sighted. I think the rut is already finished. And the fox score was 4 to the foxes 0 to me. :sob: Only took 1 shot and it was a clean miss. (checked sights later) Very awkward shooting position. So can only blame myself. First miss for a fair while.

Might do a day trip saturday.

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Oh well, still better than not going hunting :slight_smile:

Correct, Evan had a good time and still keen. So thats good.

Thought I may have spooked a fallow near the house today. Didn’t see it but didn’t seem like a wallaby crashing through the bush away from me.