Facebook cast bullet group..

Just left the group, got sick of the Powder Coating Brigade!! I’m too traditional for PC…When they can rival jacketed velocity without a Gascheck, maybe then I will.give PC some interest…rant over…

I even powder coat pure lead slugs :slight_smile:

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I can’t believe you’re on Facebook, what are you gunna do instead, make tiktoks?

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#PowderCoat4eva iight!

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Left myself wide open…lol

Powder coating is for pussies!
Real men use paper!


Real man powder coat patched and waved!

Spot on!! As I said show me the non gaschecked PC bullet that does the 3000 fps, with ZERO lead in the bore with MOA accuracy, that some PC people claim??? Paper jackets are for Gentlemen!!

Fact of the matter is that seating GC on any serious volume of bullets is a major pain in the arse and fuck it right in the ear. There is just no way I would spend the time casting the volume I shoot. And if I did, then it would be a VERY tedious process to seat GC on them. Maybe if there was something automatic, but really (a) no way and (b) no way exposed lead going near my barrels. It is a lot easier to throw a bunch in a bucket, swirl them around and into the over. Granted this is all Cat H talk…

Rifle bullets… Probably coat them too. Heaps easier then fucking around with lube and gas checks and whatever else. Sure, not for everything, everything has it’s place, but largely that’s the case.

Time to come on board @MaxJon - little acetone here, little hi-tek there, little squirt and little sniff, happy times.

I would not run anything PC/Hi-Tek over whatever they are rated to however, which is like 2000fps according to HRBC. I need to look up what Hi-Tek claims. Depends on amount of coats I guess and coat thickness. Anything over 2000fps I would be buying jacketed stuff anyway.

Come to the dark side Maxy :slight_smile:

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I do Hitek, but Maxy loves the Waxy bullets! I’m now convinced the easiest way to seat a GC is in a lubesizer press, but I sold mine to @danmac I think.
But I have plans to make a GC seating die, for my Swage press…so no big deal

Lubsizer would absolutely be the best way. But still a lot slower than shake and bake.

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Too right they do!! But im a smokeless PP fan, thus far!
I need one of these in .3015"