Ever had a mate you regretted taking shooting?

When I was younger, and the laws were somewhat different I took a mate out shooting. It was scary, bugger would just not listen, it was just plain unsafe- never took him shooting ever again. But he was better than this-

I was at our Range today and we had some visitors from the Deer Hunters damn one of those guys could have turned the day into a real mess. We were doing some standing shooting at 100yrs just for fun. We were in a line shooting when this guy stumbled backwards and turned to his right with the pointed down a little but he had a round in the chamber and bolt closed. This resulted in the rifle being pointed at the knees of the bloke beside him. Luckily the acting RO was also nearly next to him and quickly got the gun pointed in a safe direction and the bolt opened.

I would not want to be out hunting with this guy he was an absolute shit shot and a safety nightmare

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I have a couple of cousins that I won’t shoot with, never have but based on the rest of their lives I never will.

I fell down a hill or should I say, controled sliding, and had to ditch a loaded rifle… Happens, @sungazer. Obviously, he could have ditched the gun, but who knows, some people lock up others process the situation… .

As for not taking shooting, can’t think of anyone. Everyone seems stable and respect firearms.

You had to be there. the stumbling was after he turned with the rifle pointing at everyone loaded and started to step back he wanted to move back off the firing line. It was a little scary the guy was really marginal in more ways than one. Believe me we prop everyone up with as much assistance as we can give, to give them a go and this guy needed it. Scary thing was he was a hunter that does somehow manage to go hunting with others. He would be dangerous the deer would have no worries.

I took a bloke our a few times yonks ago. Long story short im very lucky to be alive. He threatened me with a loaded 303. Thought i was farking his wife. A few worrying minutes later i had his rifle and we walked out of the bush.

Got my doubts if my body would have ever been found. Miles from nearest track.

I had a ‘mate’ come and help cull a few wallabies… Not that he was unsafe but after hearing him talk his abilities and seeing him basically use the animals as target practice, taking unsupported long shots when an immediate rest was available, while trying to pressure me into taking marginal and inhumane shots, he has not been invited back…
Needless to say his hit rate was very low as well.

Regarding falling over with firearms.

When i was a teen i was in Airforce cadets and we were wer practicing drills for ANZAC day services and our flight commander said, No matter what happens, you do not let the rifle hit the ground!

On the day of ANZAC day is was stinking hot and we had been on parade for about 2 hours and the kid next to me just starts to waver and bobble, he just pushes his rifle to me and promptly hits the ground like a sack of shit.

The the kid in the tow in front of me starts to bobble and he pulls the rifle onto his body and falls backwards!

They certainly listened!

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Many years ago I went shooting with a mate of mine who was my regular hunting partner and he brought one of his mates with him.
Everything was going OK until we got to the first gate, as he went to open it he stumbled and let a round off, luckily the barrel was pointing in a safe direction.
Gave him. A lecture about having a round in the chamber and the bolt down. Next gate he did the exact same thing. I asked him very nicely to have a look at his rifle which he happily passed me. After inspecting it I gave it back to him minus the bolt. He went the rest of the trip winging about it and carrying a useless rifle.
He was not very happy about that and has never been shooting with me since, unfortunately my mate and I had a falling out about it as we have not hunted together since.
BUT I am still alive and with no holes in my or anyone else that I know so I am happy.


Jesus christ, and you guys wonder why i pack a little heavy on the med gear, some of these stories are scary :flushed:

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I took a good mate out with me for the first time hunting goats in steep river-side country. I loaned him one of my rifles that I’d owned for about 15 years. Now I had done a lot of hunting with this rifle and carried it countless miles in the scrub without putting a mark on it. We hadn’t even walked half a kilometre when my mate goes arse over head and breaks his fall using my rifle. End result, major gouge and bruising to what was a nice timber stock. Realy regret taking him that day.
P.S. Before anyone starts crapping on about your plastic stocked rifles, this is the only damage ever done to any of my timber stocks in 30 odd years and hundreds of miles of carrying and hunting.