Erma-Werke EG72 pump action 22LR (internals)

If there are any Erma-Werke EG72 (West German, yes, West, from '50s - '60s around there) pump action 22LR owners here, maybe it will help. Another project gun that needs some TLC.

I got kicked out of the living room, so I thought, yes! I will take it apart and look inside, see how it works and start seeing what’s going on. I had to work on the lifter a little bit, was beaten up and needed smoothing to engage ejector better. Henry is a pretty close clone of it. So I thought I will kill two birds with one stone. I will start working on this and at the same time learn how Henry fits together, more or less.

I usually take photos as I go, to know what goes where, but when I was pushing one of the pins out (that required brute force) of of the retaining pins in the action popped out, springs went places and I wen’t - well, fuck! So, with a little bit of tinkering, it was back together again and then apart again to continue working on it. This time took photos as I went, so this may help others, because it’s not exactly a common rifle.

Mostly, just my running log, so I know how to unfuc… fix it again, in the future.

(work in progress)

(schematic, somewhat useful but not really)

(that’s the little sucker that decided to go for a walk)

(actioned assembled, no slide bar, no ejector)

(rear barrel bank, mostly for me, to remember which way it goes back on)

(two nested springs, in case things go flying, there are 2, not one)

Worked on the lifter a little tonight, will see how it goes when I get a chance to put it together (again) and then start on the trigger group and the rest of it.

Is the frame steel or alloy?

I am 95% certain it’s alloy, @Supaduke.

Correction. Frame, I didn’t look much, but think it may be steel. The top part that goes over the action (top image: top centre), I’m pretty sure is alloy of some sort.

Aren’t the new Henry pump-action .22s essentially the same rifle?

No, I don’t think so.

Yes, @ShootersUnion, it looks pretty much identical. I haven’t dug in the guts of Henry yet, but like I said in the post…

P.s. I doubt it’d be identical. Ejector could be improved a lot and I’d be surprised if Henry didn’t improve at least that part, but stranger things have happened.

Henry do strike me as the sort of people who would take the time to make that improvement, I agree.

I don’t believe you could improve on zee work of zee Germans!

More to do with use and abuse, then the original work…