Entry level PCP


Just wondering if anyone has any experience with entry level PCP air rifles. I’ve got a gamo shadow in . 177 that gets a lot of use but the trigger leaves a LOT to be desired, and follow up shots are too slow to be a realistic option when the bunnies hang around for half a moment after the first shot before bolting for cover. I was in my local the other day and the shop owner pushed a Diana stomrider in .22 over the counter and said have a look at this… For what is clearly an entry level PCP it seems OK. There’s some mixed reviews out there but most of the complaints seem to be from people that expect more than they are paying for.

Anyone got any first hand experience with entry level PCP air rifles?


Dont waste money on entry level pcp just buy a FX u won’t b disappointed. Go a Crown or Impact with the options of different barrels like, 22, 25 or 30 cal. Another fun one is the semi-auto 22cal Revolution. 900+ fps 22 cal, it’s the closest thing to a 10/22. Which were heaps fun back in the day. But u might have to order it and wait 6-12 months to get one like a mate did.

Here’s a link for some info in the crown

Thanks. I can’t see me spending that much on an air rifle no matter how good it is. That’s more than I spent on my primary hunting rifle…