Enfield SMLE markings


Anyone have a copy of Skennerton’s book or encyclopedia like knowledge of Enfield markings?

I picked up a 1918 No1 Mk3* with matching numbers (B3XXX), and I’m curious as to what the numbers on the stock represent…


Can’t help on the markings but have a look here, might get lucky…

The arrow and zeros could be the above. I’ve got the book but not the know how.

Not sure about the crown as i can’t find anything with the 8A specifically.

The e could be eley brothers manufacturer.

I need to read this book properly one day.


Thanks, that’s a couple down :slight_smile:

Eley is ammunition, not furniture.

I’ve had a look through my shiny new copy of The Broad Arrow Mk 2 and can’t find anything that exactly matches those markings, although the top one looks like an Australian Defence Department marking.

Have you tried e-mailing Ian Skennerton directly? He’s very helpful.

No, I haven’t done that yet, might be the solution :slight_smile: