Emenence projectiles

Anybody used these?
Ive just ordered a sample pack of 100.

I’ve honestly found all the cast projectile manufacturers to be pretty much identical; I tend to use HRBC or Spartan because they’re the easiest to get and the HRBC guy is happy to cast to slightly different sizes sometimes (eg he made up some .309 diameter projectiles for 7.62x25mm Tokarev rounds I was loading).


They certainly look like bullets. Sure can’t complain about the service, I literally ordered these the day before yesterday.

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What are you loading, @bentaz ?

I want to try replicating @Oldbloke 's TB 115gn 30-06 loads

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Does anyone do a powder-coated 30-30 projy to suit fitting gas checks?
I have used the HRBC .308 ones and machined a bigger flat nose but they are a different shape and troublesome, tight lever closes.

I can do their 165gr 30-30 projies with a light facing cut and a dia cut but doesn’t the time add up when you do 100 or so.

What weight are you looking for?