Elephant in the room

What’s the elephant, national system or a call for a review? review - sure, whatever works for them. I doubt a review will find anything different within the scope of the assessment. If you are referring to a national system - unlikely in the foreseeable future with current issues they are having with localised systems. Maybe something like internal links to enable them to query interstate database, that could work with no impact (I’d be very surprised if this this wasn’t the case already).

I think covid has proved that we are really still just a federation of States rather than a National Unified country.

I would be more supportive of an internal investigation on how 3 nutters were able to hold a license, you don’t go from being a normal citizen to a cop shooter overnight, theres always a history with these people, apparently they were lured onto the farm in the first place.

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I guess how will licensing define nutters ? I think these three are complete shits and deserved what they got but on an academic level, how do we define it without getting all minority report.

I think any direct threat to a persons life should be an indicator but what if you said that you plan on defending yourself if someone breaks into your house ? Would that be enough for them to take your license.

People are the most common but the most difficult problem that needs solving in the world I recon.


^ the history

Looks to me like some mental illness