Electronic ear muffs for the range??

Anyone recommend a good pair? I’m thinking Caldwell E max so far…

I don’t use electronic ones, but this thread might have some recommendations.

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I have the Howard leight shooting earmuffs and Peltor earmuffs. The Howard’s are good, the Peltors are much better.
Not cheap though.

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This is what I use:

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Yeah might go with the Howard light sport ones. Gotta get 2 pairs, the wife needs a pair too…

The ‘Sport’ (https://www.amazon.com.au/Howard-Leight-Honeywell-Amplification-Electronic/dp/B01G8POKMY/ref=asc_df_B01G8POKMY/) version is my backup pair. There is a reason for that. They are fine outside and away from muzzle breaks and for things with long barrels. The Moment you introduce a break or shoot from undercover or even 223 from like 16" barrel, you will know about it. Especially from undercover where sound can bounce around, you will regret that option.

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I’ve got a pair of HL sports like in the link JS put up. They work great, very comfy, but they can interfere with check weld on some rifles.

Very true.

So the pro is the go for the range…??

One reason I like the sport is because of the thinner profile. The Pro seem to be the fatter profile that would be more likely to foul on the rifle stock. Just looking at the pics, that’s all…

I have both, I doubled up with ear plugs at the range with Sports when I had the need to. However, when I started shooting pistols, I swapped pretty quick. The ‘Sports’ are in fact a lot thinner profile. They are not all created equal - @Tempestman posted a link above - I highly recommend you read that, lots on noise reduction and standards info in there.

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No worries thanks!

From the exact same experience with the sport model, I went with the larger Howard Leights. The sports just dont have the ability to make braked magnums and such safely audible. The larger model are what you want if you’re at a range with any kind of cover above your shooting table. Three years now and they still in good working order.

Mate I am running the Caldwell electronic earmuffs. I also run a set of earplugs so double hearing protection. Works a treat.

Shoot undercover, but rarely off a bench, I’m not disabled yet.

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I have the Peltor Tacs and they are really fat also work really well. The first few shots and I found them hitting the stock. I obviously straightened my head up a little and have never had a problem since in any shooting position. I think it has actually improved my shooting position having a more vertical head position or at least getting my ear off the stock.

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I use Peltor SportTacs and am very happy with them. They’re not cheap but I’ve only got one set of ears.

You have 2 units in a set though.

I’ve got these, they’re a little pricey but they’re awesome.

I got a.pair of those too, they are awesome for hunting, but they don’t give the same level of reduction as the Howard leight impact pro. If I am shooting at the range, I use the muffs.