Eargensplitter Loudenboomer

My brother told me about this cartidge yesterday. Is anyone friends with a gunsmith and wants to try this out? Be sure to let me know how it goes.



Or does anyone know if it was actually made or if it’s just something the internet has made up?

It seems like it was custom made to do one job (break velocity records) which it then failed to do. Thus it becomes a quirk of history.

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An “ear splitting loud boomer”… Hmmm is it April fools day again already? :crazy_face:

Nope, as @Nomis said it was designed to break some speed record,could of been 5000 fps but dont quote me on that. Only problem was that the pills would disintegrate in the air and the barrels burned out after stuff all rounds.

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So if this was done 50-60 years ago, what might be the chances of it achieving that goal now with different powders and projectiles available?

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You’d think a simple brass projectile would do the trick.

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I think the 22 Newstead or something had potential.

.223 pill in a .243/308 case if I recall.

Isn’t that what the 22-250 is?

I think 22-250 is a Savage parent case and quite a bit short of the 308s capacity.


Yeah, .250-3000 Savage, that’s where the “250” comes from.
Very efficient .25 cal cartridge, broke the 3000 f/s barrier with an 87gr bullet, hence the name.
Introduced in 1915, so 3000f/s was a big deal.

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