Duplex Loads...

Anyone here have any experience using duplex loads?

Mainly with black powder. I have been looking into it but thought that I would ask the question.


I have an article on a guy loading duplex in a 310 cadet somewhere…I will dig it out.

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Thanks for that @MaxJon

Hi @1Fatman. Go to the Cast bullet engineering site, resources, 310 part 1. Jeff Brown lists a duplex load for the 310.

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I like BP cartridge rifles, that’s why I bought a 45 Colt rolling block carbine…bit of a mid life crisis also haha.

This duplex load…is it like two projectiles being fired at a time?

No mate…its a majority based BP load, with a minor smokeless charge, together. The small smokeless dumped in first, then the BP compressed by the the bullet base ontop.

Thanks for that one @MaxJon , I have downloaded that one and will give it a read.

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No worries. It’s worth a read.

That’s what I thought, but these fellas taking science to next level.

Oh, I see. Its cleaner because of the little bit of smokeless. Pretty ingenious. I was picturing two 68 cal balls joined by six feet of razor wire.

Sounds like it is just like installing a Super Magnum Primer.

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Its actually a way of shooting BP loads, that dont require cleaning between shots. Well 90% plus BP…

As @MaxJon said plus it keeps your POA/POI the same shot after shot without the need for cleaning or blow tubes between shots.

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