Dry month, it's been years.

This is me right now.


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@juststarting i really feel for you… Missing out at such a young and tender age. I still have sex on a regular basis at 64. :vulcan_salute:

I like how you put a pic of her at the end of that sentence.



Now that I put as the best comment so far this year lol. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :v: :clap::clap:

Sorry @Oldbloke but you walked into that one.

Hope you all get sucked into a black hole.

That was nasty.

@Oldbloke you know we love ya, but I couldn’t help myself…

By the sound of it, he loves himself too. Regularly.

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Gold lol

I hope the Klingons destroy you all & the earth including this forum with their improved 30-06-243 nucler plasma death ray.

Your lost spirits will then drift in the black,
nebula of doom, never to return to the world of firearms.

Spock & Kirk won’t help you now.

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What’s a spok? Is that a spaceship from Star Wars or something?

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Your ignorance of world alliance is astounding.
May the Borg consume you.

And here i was thinking, @Oldbloke doesnt live in his mum basement.
How wrong you can be…

Of course he lives at home with his mum… where else can you play dungeons and dragons…

A spok is the sound of his ejaculate hitting the wall…:joy::joy::blush: