Dry Firing a Rimfire

What’s the go here?

The manual for my new Ruger rimfire says it’s fine to do, but the gun store staff said it was really bad for the gun.

Some guns are safe to dry fire, some not. Easier for the shop to always say not to rather than deal with problems.


I’ve always been told it’s bad for rimfires so i don’t do it. i’ve heard people say that it’s ok for this gun or that gun and i’m sure the Ruger manual would know best in relation to their own gun, but i still have that thought in my head that the only way to guarantee you’re not damaging the firing pin it is not to do it.

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Pins are cheap and easy. Its when the chamber end gets damaged you have real problems.

Some .22’s have a recess for the firing pin so it doesn’t hit the chamber and peen it.
Rifles without this recess get slowly damaged over time. Ruger 10/22’s have this recess. It’s reasonable to say the precision rimfire has one too.


Makes sense. I’ve got a Ruger American, but same difference.

I think it is best to look at the construction of your gun and make the decision based on that. If you are aware that the firing pin may be hitting the barrel just keep an eye out for any marks. If none your good to go if there is some paint or marks there be much more careful.

I think I am good with my 22s and I nearly always do a dry fire at the end of the magazine rather than count and look.

Rugers are fine. Others not so much.

Trust the manufacturer not some dip shit in a gun store…