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From the swamps of Australian Reloading group on Facebook.

Hey gurus first time reload have a La105 Lithgow in 6.5 Creedmoor. Got 2209 powder,hornady cases and some 147g Proj.was thinking of a starting load of 38g is this to conservative for the weight proj ? Haven’t had time to get a decent reload manual. Thanks in advance.

I guess ADI website is too hard… Pissed myself laughing just reading it.

Just fill the case almost to the top, jam the projectile in and send it…… should be fine but just in case check for pressure signs.

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‘Thinking of a starting load of 38g’
No mate you’re not thinking, not at all!
I hope you commented that real men start above 40gn but really just fill the case up till it’s full…

Well guys, that’s all so funny. To YOU!
The new on-line ADI manual, which may well be where OP got his data from, lists a start load of 36.7, max 41.8. That seems to put his start about middle, if my math is anything good.
And, QuickLOAD shows it as being an OK load with case at 89.6% capacity which is also pretty good. BTW, the ADI max load of 41.8gn fills the case to 98.6%, but pressure getting “up there”.
Question. What’s so f^k’n funny?
Of course, you all know that it’s impossible to get 38 grams of powder in, but then, that might read 38gm?
I bet you’ve never made a typo’ either. EVER.

I think the funny thing is he may have just plucked the figure out of the air. Perhaps based on some prior knowledge of a similar load or hearsay. But you really should do a of research from a reliable source. I am sure is is nothing about typos.

Funny, is when he is saying that he’s new to reloading, but haven’t had time to get a decent reloading manual or to search online. It’s the fact that he even had to ask a load data question for a very popular cartridge, instead of doing at least some searching. I’ll just start driving this car, I’ll learn to drive later, but open to driving tips… That’s why it’s funny. Tragic clown haha, not comedy haha.

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What they said :+1:

It’s one thing to go middle of the road/high side off the first load with modern action/new gun and your regular powder when you’ve been reloading for years, but it’s a whole bag of body parts when you’ve got absolutely nothing to fuggin base your assumptions on!!!


Oh, OK.
I take it that you have no faith at all in the ADI test laboratory figures.
Where would you start?

The point is not about any figures. The point is asking people for load data, which seems arbitrary, because he couldn’t be bothered looking at reference data, as clearly stated in his question. Nothing to do with data itself.

ADI site, for the weigh of projectile and powder clearly states, min and maximum. 36.7 minimum, then asking if 38 is too little? Suggests that the dude didn’t read load data or does not understand load data. As can be seen from the comment, where he’d rather ask for load data, than RTFM. Get it now?

No it’s not that, its that this bloke is looking on Facebook instead of the ADI website for his reloading data.

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He’s the guy that Russian hackers succefully influence to vote hehe.

My comment was also in regards to the fact that he is new to reloading and has brought a press, die’s, brass, powder and projectiles BUT has not bothered to buy a reloading manual or looked on the ADI’s website. Nothing to do with typo’s etc.
IMHO a reloading book or 2 should be brought before powder, brass and projectiles not after.

I was pissed that I spent about $20 on an ADI manual all those years ago only to find that all the important stuff was on their website. DOH. There really should be a lot more in what they call reloading manuals. All the best practice stuff, all the processes to go through all the traps you can fall for. All the stuff that gets asked on FB.

Although it is uncommon and possibly dangerous to ask such questions on load development from others I do understand where he is coming from a fair while back I set up a 22-250 AI with a 26’’ barrel and couldn’t find any info in the manuals for it ie min-max loads I did eventually find out by contacting a bloke in the USA who runs AI 22-250 if all else failed I would have used the min load of the standard 22-250 to start with and worked up from there but going in eyes closed as was said would be asking for disaster a manual is a must and failure to read it could be fatal

I think with experience you begin to understand how to interpret and use data for bullet weights that arnt there or powders that may be given for bullet weights higher and lower than the one you have. Even then if unsure ADI are very quick to answer emails and will go to the point of explaining the pros and cons of different powders all the while maintaining a very broad base arse covering position.

Hmm… Probably the most dangerous thing you can do as a newbie is to ask others for loading data!!

Case in Point “bentaz comment - ‘Really just fill the case up till it’s full”

Might sound funny, but if someone takes this as serious advice, you could be in picking your nose with your elbow.

Get you facts from the source. Get a load data book from the powder manufacturer (that you intend to use). Simple! No if’s or buts and no missing eyeballs or fingers!!!

Rule 1 ) DON’T OVER FILL = Destructive explosion?
Rule 2) DON’T UNDER FILL = Destructive explosion?

Welcome, @BlackDog. I know for a fact, that @bentaz can pick his nose with his elbow. And not just his nose :scream_cat: Very solid advice.

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