Does anyone know much about hunting in the Flinders Ranges SA?

Hey everyone, first time using a forum platform.
I live in the mid north in SA close to the flinders ranges and I want to know if there is places there that I can go hunt for free instead of going with a guide and paying from $1300.
Any information would be greatly appreciated or if you have any other hunting locations near that area for rifle would be awesome.
Thank you in advance

If anyone would know I’d bet its @Bent_arrow

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Hi Mason,

All hunting in SA is on private property with the owners written permission, or pay for access, typically via a guide. Whilst there is a technical loop hole that allows for hunting on unalienated crown land, there isnt much of it, the government won’t tell you where it is, and they would like to close the loophole, so its the proverbial camel through the eye of a needle.

You’ll have to go door knocking, keeping in mind that goats are worth really good money for farmers these days, so you’re not “helping them out” if you just want to hunt goats, your costing them money. You’re going to need to make it a value proposition for them.

Cheers and good luck.

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