Does Anyone Know How Long Approval Takes to Show Up (for licencing)

Hey all,

This question will only be able to be answered by people who have done their licensing through the new eServices system.

I submitted the Online form 13 days ago and sent off the hardcopy follow up the day after. On my eServices login I was notified when they received the Online form submission and when they received the hard copy and supporting documents, which was on March the 1st. It basically says “Hard Copy and supporting docs received - in progress”.

When will I know if my license has been approved? Does it take the full 28 days to show up or will I know if I’m approved before then?

The reason I’m asking is because I’m selling an expensive DH Bike to fund this hobby. However I don’t particularly want to sell it and I’d like to know that I’m approved and good to go before I go purchasing a Safe etc. and selling my possesions to fund a rifle. I also don’t want to have to wait 28 days to find out if I’m approved and then have to wait the 1-2 weeks it’ll take to sell the bike before I can go and buy a rifle. I’m keen to put the order down the day my license arrived.

I have zero reason to think I won’t be approved, but I’d still like to know for sure before I sell things.

So has anyone here gotten their license on the new system and if so, how long did it take to show up as approved? I had assumed I’d know within a weekish of submitting.


Yes. 28 days - that’s the law.
never used new system (yet). However, 28 days is the initial period, like it’s not within 28 days or less - it’s 28 days, as far as I know.

I know that I have to wait 28 days for my license to be active etc. but am wanting to know if I’ll find out if I’m approved before the 28 days is up - so that I can sell my stuff and have the funds ready to put down the order.

I get what you are saying, but and this is a big but… I would expect that the process is more or less automated. For example, once approved, it would kick off a printing and mailing process. Hence I suspect that the “approved” switch would be flicked on - on 28 days. However, I am talking shit here, all assumptions.

Keep us posted, very interested myself if this is in fact an ‘online system’ or a mechanical Turk.

Usually you don’t get an approval notice until you’re actually approved, and it won’t happen until your 28 days are up as it’s whole purpose is supposed to be a “cool down” period.
Lucky you’re not in Qld, the 28 days wait is a “you don’t exist” pile you sit in before you even go into the waiting que. The last bit of gossip i heard was that up here the full wait time from application to approval notice was about 3-4 months and growing.
Be thankful for your short 28 day wait down in Vic.

Very interesting. Up here its the full 28 days when you are a virgin. After that, it can be a few days, or 28 days. Generally seven to ten days though.
When you first do your license up here, you can submit a Purchase Permit at the same time, so when 28 days is up, you can get both your License and Permit to Acquire together.

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It’s the same here, I was able to send my permit to acquire along with my license application.

Another question - With the permit to acquire? Do you get a notice or proof that it’s been approved? I sent it to the LRD - how do I prove to the shop that I buy from that I have the given permit? Is it something I get in physical form?

Assuming I get approved, I’m wanting to buy from Cleavers in Qld and have them send it down to the local gun shop here for me to pick up. I was originally going to buy from The Barn but Cleavers have the rifle and scope I want at a cheaper price.

Yep same here, i usually get ptas anywhere from a few days to a week or so, but he’s asking about his licence application, that’s about as virgin as it gets lol.

If it’s anything like here it’s a toss of a coin too, i know several people who got their PTA approval before their licence approval. Just goes to show how organised they are lol. But on the bright side if the PTA’s approved it basically tells you your licence is/will be too.
Don’t worry 28 days might seem like an eternity right now but it’ll fly by.

If you sent paperwork to LRD, then you will receive paperwork back, you then take the paperwork to the bank (yes, to the bank, Westpack to be exact, in person, yep…), pay for it, get it stamped and you are good. Then you just come to the shop and bring that along.

Or… What most people do, just get the shop to do it electronically. Depends on the shop, a lot of the smaller ones are not connected and still doing paper based forms. Bigger shops, just call them, have your licence on hand and ask them to put in a PTA for you. They will ask a bunch of questions and do it from their system electronically. You should then get a call from the shop letting you know that PTA has been approved in their system. Then you just rock up and they will do the rest.

Oh yeah that makes sense,

Might just be a little harder as I’m ordering from interstate. I’m in Vic and Cleavers is in Qld.

My understanding is that the PTA can be accessed online by the gun-shops. So they should be able to act on it even if you still have it in your possession. Then you send them the original in the mail.

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