Do Politics Ruin Your Enjoyment of Firearms & Shooting

Well it was a nice forum… its been ruined now with policital clap trap…

F&$k me, is there a place i can just talk about guns without the tin foil hat brigade?!?!


Just don’t read it if you aren’t into it. It’s just one thread on FB…
But i do know what you mean.

There’s politics and then there’s current events/news.

For example, I have an opinion and while I am accepting and open to be convinced otherwise, it probably won’t happen, nothing is going to change and conversation will deteriorate into slobbering blabbering mess of the paranoids, crazy, stupid and ignorant. I rather just talk guns.

On the other hand, being aware of current affairs is good. Civilized informed discussion is always good.

It’s when tinfoil hats start to come out, I start deleting topics.

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On the back of Wylie27’s comment on another post, i thought I’d move the comment and reply here to get a guage of where we all stand on the idea of political discussion sneaking into any conversation about guns and shooting.

If you’ve ever been on a shooting forum before, you will have witnessed countless discussions and some usual suspects that pop up to drive a certain political agenda.

Personally, i believe that the freedom to own and use firearms is the mark of a balanced society and is something that is enjoyed across the political spectrum. You don’t have to be on one particular side of politics or the other to own and enjoy using firearms, and this applies to being anti firearms as well. Historically, the ‘disarmers’ come from Left, Right and Centre. John Howard was simultaneously Australia’s biggest hard right PM and most fervent AntiGun campaigner.

All this aside, this country has politicised the gun debate, whether we like it or not.

My question to the forum is, what level of political discussion do we want to establish in our new hang out?
What is useful for firearms owners to understand their potential loss or political gain and what is just, in Wylie’s words, fodder for the tinfoil hat brigade?
Should we set ground rules for political discussion?

As we have a good core of knowledgable and intelligent members, i think it’s a good idea to have this conversation early on.

I know we want to avoid biased, racist, sexist and generally bigotted and xenophobic comments and discussions, as this is not representative of the broad spectrum of background that make up the shooting community but at the same time do we want to prevent people discussing issued that matter to them, such as online security and privacy, as in the ‘Anti Facebook’ thread???

You jumped in while i was tapping out my message (also got distracted by a call from my wife).

I don’t mind politics or even a spot of tinfoil hattery, as long as it’s in the law and politics section where I/ we have the choice to ignore it.
It’s when a shooting / gun topic get politicised or tinfoiled that I’d be inclined to put on my admin hat.


Fair call. Bit know, I’m watching you all, seriously, I have your home’s and cars wired for surveillance. You don’t even want to know what viewing angles I got!

Won’t see anything very interesting at my place… :joy:

My place is one of those, that if you were a hacker and could be bothered may be able to get into the CCTV. Been a while since the wife and I did non bedroom hanky panky though.

As for politics I hate it when a good thread is dumped on by someone pushing a political agenda. The hammer / eraser will come out if it riles me.


I don’t mind political discussion its when it turns to childish name calling and insults because someone doesn’t agree with someone else’s point of view or when someone tries to ram their views down everyone’s throats that I start to get turned off. :grinning:

Clearly it does for me. I have stopped visiting sites because of crap that comes up.

The constant conspriacy theories, the tin foil and just agendas…

But thats just me :joy:


…not just you.