Do I need to worry about fit and proper person?

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I was watching an Ozzie review where he was talking about how Queensland now do a fit and proper person test whicb involves background checks and have been rejecting licenses for people having things like speeding tickets and diabetes.

I’ve definitely had a lot of speeding tickets in my younger days. Is this something that’s happening in Vic that I need to worry about?

I’m in the last few days of my 28 day waiting period. If I was going to be rejected, would the LRD have let me know by now? Or do they not tell you until the 28 days is up?


There’s another post somewhere on here, but I’m fairly sure it’s less about speeding tickets and more about habitual bad drivers over time. Just relax.

My driving record is shite. Motorcycles and general speed demons within have seen me earn more than my share of tickets, including 6 months on the bus for 45km over. Also had to go to court once to keep my license when I got done again about a decade later. The main things that will.get you pinged
Repeat DUI
Anything along the lines of dangerous or culpable driving.
ANY infraction involving violence or perceived violence.
Anything that demonstrates the use of violence as a way to solve problems.
Anything that displays a chronic inability to follow, or cooperate with society’s rules or flagrantly disregard them.( such as being constantly chased by child support, not paying fines etc)
It only happens to systemic repeat offenders, not isolated incidents (except violence)

I hope you’re right @Supaduke, I got this vid in a shooters union email the other day, some of the things in it like going back further than the 5 or 10 years of being good are pretty scary.

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Join the NSC. They kick goals, while others kick rocks.

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Absolutely ridiculous, hopefully it gets changed pretty quick. I wonder if it’s how they’re doing things in other states.

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I’m a member of both SU and NSC and while i agree NSC do love a fight & have a red hot go, the only ones addressing this issue in Qld are Shooters Union as far as i know. And to be honest IMO something like this is a bigger issue than a particular gun being reclassified.
That being said it’s not a competition and it’d be great if both groups jumped in on this one. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


JSS, to clarify, the NSC is well aware of the “fit and proper” issue in QLD and the NSC’s Barrister is representing a number of QLD Shooters who have been affected in QCAT and we were doing this before SU’s announcement they would pay their members QCAT filing fee for cases they determined were winnable…

Full credit to SU for doing so…its great to see SU supporting their members through legal action as we have done since the NSC’s inception.

As QLD is SU’s “home state” we decided to let SU “take the lead” on it publicly.

Similar to when VicPol’s LRD were suspending/threatening licence cancellation for COVID fines in the NSC’s “home state” of Victoria and SU were happy to let us take the lead there…

Just because we haven’t given the issue in QLD the same publicity doesn’t mean we aren’t interested or “in the fight” on the matter!

If you ever want to know the latest feel free to drop us a line and ask a question and we will respond.




@NationalShootingCouncil I gladly stand corrected. it’s good to hear as i wasn’t aware of your actions on the matter and personally i think it’s a big one. They won’t need to reclassify any firearms if they just cancel all our licences and take us out of the game. Hopefully someone can make an example of them for these tactics.


Same, Im an SU member too and live in the Terror Tree!

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