DIY shoot-and-see targets (reactive targets)

So I had this photos on my laptop for… Apr 2017, ha! Just noticed them… Thought I’d share some feedback.

Saw this video a while back and thought, why not, lets give it a go. I am a big fan of reactive targets.


Works alright, sort of:

Mosin shoots to the right :stuck_out_tongue: (yes, I do own a bayonet, I leave it at home though).

Anyhow, works well, especially if you make a big ass target like I did, for sighting in or testing ammo when you don’t know where POI will be.

This is an orange sheet of paper (quietly taken from kids’ arts and crafts box with my ninja like stealth), clear sticky tape and black spray paint over it.

Works alright. What I think I am going to do next, is making smaller targets out of these little guys:

However, few cons I’ve noticed. Paint seems to chip away too easily, so anything larger than those cards (above), like the target I made, which I think was A3, is unmanageable. Somehow you need to get it from your home to the range, so folding or rolling it up is an option. If you do that, pain will flake away and it’s not going to be so good any more. Actually pretty crap, speaking from experience. I folded one in two, very gently and it came out the other end very patchy with lots of paint missing.

Another consideration is how you will attach it to the frame. More sticky tape is an option, but now we are venturing in to ‘may as well buy quality factory made ones’, because tape + paint + more tape + paper costs about as much as a bulk set of targets from eBay. I think on this on I used gaffer tape rolled into a loop (redneck engineering - double sided tape). You can tell how easily the paint chips away when I grabbed the top right corner to rip it off the frame.

Another option is small amounts of good double sided sticky tape, just attach and peel the other side off at the range. Again, venturing into costly territory, unless you are using small amounts of tape, which is why I am thinking those cards would work better than A4, A3, etc.

I recently switched from sticky tape to staple gun, so that’s out of the question entirely.

Anyhow, thought I’d share this find from my bored in the garage collection.


I have looked at the making of these and this is one project that I accept as not a viable DIY :tired_face: :rofl:

I’ll have to give it a go as I can make them then walk down and thumb tack them straight to the pallet boards I use. No folding or rolling to break up the paint. If ya don’t mind let us know how the small ones go. :beers:

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I guess another way would be to roll or fold your target with just the sticky tape on and take it to the range. Setup your target ( thumb racks, bulldog clips, it depends on your backing) then paint them.

By the time you get back to the bench and get yourself setup the paint would be dry so that will stop the flaking.

I have seen a similar one done with a piece of cardboard and a plastic shopping bag stretched over it and painted black. Similar idea but not as pretty.

I use the bulldog clips to hold my targets on the backing, normally cardboard, and unless you happen to shoot them they can be used countless times.