DIY reloading tools

I am becoming “that guy” - you know… Oh just assembled from random stuff in garage :slight_smile: Anyway, I was planing to give this a go and finally got around to it…

Hi torque motor, left over from testing what I wanted for printed bullet feeder setup, a coupler, a Lyman case prep multi-tool and pigtail connector (some soldering required).

I ended up recutting the thread in motor shaft, coupler is there for support… Turned out pretty well. I considered adding more couplers and some gears to get all tools going at the same time, but! Knowing my own process, I generally do one thing at a time when I am processing lots of brass, so I thought lets not over engineer this for what I won’t use.

The motor runs on 12 - 24V so I thought hrmmm, I have a 20V power supply and I could do with more amps for everything else I use, so new junction box was in order…

Swapped 12v for 24V supply, added step down converter to run my usual 12V sockets, added a voltage/speed regulator for one 20V out. Added one switch for 12V out to independently control bullet feeder. And some pretty intricate soldering lol.