DIY and re-purposed Gun Stuff.

As the title suggests this thread is for posting up your DIY ideas and inventions. It could be reloading equipment, hunting or camping gear, tools, anything gun related.

Even if its not your doing but you come across a great DIY idea share it here so others can utilise it.

I’ll start us off with a pretty simple one that I know a lot of people make. Loading blocks made by drilling rows of holes into wooden blocks, these can be made to any size, made out of off cuts etc. and are a virtually free alternative to expensive store built reloading blocks.

This is already in its own thread but I’ll post it in here too as its Quite relevant (it inspired me to start this thread).

my diy powder and shot dipper


What type of drill bit did you use for the block? I’ve tried several different types but they all don’t give me the flat bottomed hole that I’m after. I’ve bought wooden blocks in the U.S that are flat in the bottom of the hole so there must be some way of doing it.

Look up end mill bits on eBay.
You can drill with a regular drill bit then finish the hole with an end mill bit.

Not that I did that mine were just done with regular drill.

The old style wood bit also would leave a flat bottom cut but a cut ditch around the outside of the circle.

forstner bit

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That’s the one I was looking for @Wombat , thanks mate. I knew its name but the medication prevented it coming out.:crazy_face:

I misspelt it wildly looking for an image…

If I can get one that will cut softwood as clean as that one appears to have done, I’ll be stoked.

Bunnings sell them and do proper ones.

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