Different rules for some

Was just reading this on the news. If it had of been a normal licensed firearms owner they would be on the inside looking out.

Tbh I don’t think they would be. But really, they should be.

He did get a five year firearm license ban…After stealing all those pistols and storing them so poorly he managed to shoot himself.

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My take on it is when you are in the position that he was and you break the law as he did then off to jail you go.

He did get 2 years suspended, so he will go inside if he fucks up again.

Yeah i’m with you mate you do the crime you do the time none of this suspended garbage that’s whats wrong with the world today they’re getting a smack on the arse with a feather duster rather than being punished jesus when I was a kid you remembered not to do it again because of the punishment you got for doing it in the first place I say ( Bring back the biff)

Don’t know man, seems like a big thing putting an idiot behind bars. You just get a criminal who’s less of an idiot at the end of that road. And all of a sudden prison doesn’t seem as scary and recidivism goes up. Definitely do the crime do the time and on top of that I also believe in some mandatory sentencing. However there’s also the experience of the judge, which is why we have judges.