Did anyone go to the Shot Show in Vic?

Did anyone go last weekend? I ended up starting to renovate my backyard and got caught up.
Was it any good?
Anything new or interesting?
Did any vendors hire unPC promo girls that were super hot?

Not I :frowning:

You didn’t miss anything.

Did anyone get a closeup touchy feely of that new ZP1 monopod?

We’re there any old single barrel shotguns?

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Totally, heaps, on every table and so cheap. You definitely missed out.


Plus the new 8 gauge single barrel shotty’s.

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Actually thinking about it I was seeing the show through a 12 year olds eyes, took him there when he was 10 and everything was new and fantastic ( Warwicks “machine guns” er M4’s um straight pulls, legal 50 cals, pretty women offering hats and heaps of stickers, fridge magnets etc etc etc ),
This year…um no stickers or hats no “new” guns, huge queues,stuck in traffic for an hour, bad expensive food . Not a happy 12 year old.

Well that’s a bit disappointing but not unexpected. I’ve found with a lot of those shows, instead of an exhibition, it becomes a challenge to see how much cash the vendors and organisers can wring out of the public. I understand and appreciate capitalism , but when you get that cattle to the slaughter feeling walking around a show it’s a bit annoying. So much shooting related items is so expensive it just really feels like they are taking the piss.

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Not sure where I read the thread, possibly instagram or fb… Pretty much the same sentiment. Horrible expo. Lack of products and excitement. Bunch of negative feedback on (I think) SSAA Vic site, that were deleted (not cool). So all in all, seems like this year is the beginning of the end.

I remember going to Sexexpo loooong time ago. And it was fantastic. Crazy arse shit. Everyone loved it. It was going for a while, but that was the first time we went. And based on descriptions of other people who attended years before, it was pretty much that. Then we visited it the next year and it was just a lame glorified sex shop. Nothing more. I suppose, once the foot traffic is up, vendors move from show mode to sell mode.

I don’t think it ever recovered. I think this is the same. They are at cross roads. Hopefully, next year the numbers will dwindle and the year after (i.e. when it comes back to Melbourne) they will get the idea… And get back into it. Or not. Either way, pivotal point right here.