Definition of good.

So I’m beginning to think that either my definition of very good is undervalued and it’s fucking amazing (when I sell my stuff). Or some c*nts are way too high on meth and confusing firearms with sledgehammers and other outdoor equipment.

Which part of this is very good?!

And then we have this old gem:

It is in very good condition with the usual blemish to wood and blueing for a rifle this age, (see pics for an accurate assessment).

It does not matter what age it is… Fucking, “for it’s age”, banged up bolt, mared screws, banged up timber, can see gouges on metal, can see what looks like rust on the inside of the receiver, bah! :face_vomiting: No, it is not very good! It’s a fair condition project gun.

From now on, all my guns will be sold under “very good for its age”.

Ooo and then…

Whilst we check these out for serviceability, the warranty has expired & this is sold on an ‘as is’ basis. As with all used guns, we recommend you have this checked by a suitably qualified person prior to shooting.

Yeah, nah, statutory warranty, thank you very much. Very good condition, but parts missing and we are not sure if you’re going to kill yourself shooting it. That’s coming from a gun shop selling the gun!

Well that’s not, but I reckon this comes pretty close :blush:


As is written in Lawyerspeak. Covering one’s ass. Sadly very common among older firearm enthusiasts. The blatant profiteering that has been occurring in the last few years is downright insane. It will only contribute to killing the market as a whole as they price out newer collectors.
I for one , am done with milsurps as they surge past reasonable prices. Lever guns are going the same direction.

All good I say. Last range visit was nothing but modern tactical rifles. In fact I was the only one (testing) shooting a milsurp. I felt fuddy lol. Had to have a shower after. Milsurps are dead. No way some yuong buck is going to drop a couple of grand on rust when for the same money they’d get a modern super accurate rifle, in common accurate calibre, plus a scope and accessories. They cannibalised themselves.

It’s in ‘serviceable condition’ in my humblest of humblies. If its all fucked up but still works as intended, its fair condition. Poor condition means it doesnt work as intended. Good condition means it works as intended, no parts need replacing and there is no wear that can’t be fixed readily without requiring services of a shop.

Still good milsurps about for $1000…Really depends on the interest…synthetic forged barrel…or military hardware…completely different animals, and applications really. Open sights are best learned first, regardless of animal choice i believe.

I am sure there are, but I think you are missing the point here.