Deer kills man, seriously injures a woman.

Deer kills man, seriously injures a woman.

Just up the road from my place. Doesn’t say whether it was a Sambar or Fallow or on a deer farm.

Now it was allegedly a pet deer. Presumably Fallow. I’m always wary of Sambar stags, they could do some real damage.

Well, fuck. They got taste for blood now. We must mobilise to defend humanity against this new threat to national security.

For some reason I never really thought about them being dangerous, I always figured they would run the other way.

Feel sorry for their son who had to witness the attack.

You better barricade your door @Bogong it could be an uprising!

Pity the man’s son had to watch it all unfold.

Definitely Mate, a very sad day for that family.
Good on the young bloke for having the balls to fight it off and save his mum, especially after seeing it do a number on his dad like that.
I used to have a big stinky Billy goat that would get it into his head every so often that he was going to shake up the rank structure, I once had to smack him in the head with a shovel to convince him I should be allowed out of his yard alive.

But I still can’t shake the irony of a deer hunting men.

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Latest new it was a Waipiti deer, presumably a stag. So it’s the size of an Elk. That’s a big deer. They wouldn’t have had a chance. I think it’s the time of the rut for Waipiti deer in Australia.


Wapiti is Elk, Cervus Canadensis. Used to be quite common back home in NZ, but almost extinct in their pure form due to inter-breeding with Red Deer. Didn’t know there were any in Victoria outside of the zoo. Anyone thinking any species of stag is harmless has never seen them fight during the rut, and 6 years in captivity would not stop them from behaving aggressively during this time of year. Sad story, but not one that couldn’t have been foreseen. Treat all wild animals, even those you keep in pens, with deference due to their ability to hurt you. GUN-DMCs’ tale about his goat is a common one and I wouldn’t turn my back on a Billy for quids. (Same with most rams, for that) Cheers.


I wouldn’t keep any deer on my property. I don’t trust them. There’s a lot of deer around here and numbers are increasing. Also a lot of deer farms. They are wild animals and you can’t tame them. Just shoot the fucking things, especially the stags.


@Bogong have you shot any lately?

I rekon that would be right.

Not over summer. I’m busy Trout fishing and Murray Cod fishing. Has to cool down a lot more for the deer.

Please share more tips with @Oldbloke, he is trying to find one, but they seem to avoid his garage.

He knows enough about hunting them.

…and has the right gun…30-06.

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And will soon be making a few trips. Yeh…30-06. Mmmmm

Deer are food and not friends!