Deer cull in N/E Victoria

Thank fuck the helicopters aren’t around Mt Beauty.

That’s just across the road from where we were mucking around Oldbloke

Well, no more deer for you… Although I wonder, hwo effective how this bullshit is in scrub.

They’re skilled shooters, probably pretty effective. But the acreage is huge around here. They will not get them all, no way. Besides I mainly hunt around Mt Beauty. That a much larger area.

That’s what I mean, @Bogong. Regardless of how skilled they are, the area and trying to herd them into a run of some sort, just seems like a very hard task.

They’re just shooting them from a helicopter, no herding at all. They’re just leaving them where they drop.

You might be able to duck over there after the shoot and cull a few antlers for Gwion, just a thought :star_struck::+1:

First you have to find them…stuff that. I’m not really in interested in antlers anyway.

He did say for Gwion, so he can make knife handles.

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Well you can come up here and start looking for them. It’s only a 4 1/2 hour drive from Melbourne.

Me, nah, Gwion can start swimming though, I suppose.

Summer is the best time to. That’s when they tend to drop them. I’m always fly fishing then.

Also, when the water is the warmest.

Not up here it’s not. It’s alway cold. Snow melt goes on for a very long time.

Well, solid changing state to liquid does dictate rise in temperature, but I meant for @Gwion to swimm…

@Bogong you’re a grump, aren’t ya?

I ain’t swimming… too many sharks out there!

Fine! Whatever, see if I care.