Deer cull feeding feral dogs

Well, you cant please everyone all the time.
Perhaps some truth in this but would be a short term impact i guess.

If anything it’s just a temporary reprieve for some of our natives but I doubt it’ll have any lasting effects

There is a fine line between a cull and maintaining a sustainable herd size for future years to come as well. I think the DEWLP has done a good job so far in that regard. It seems that the bushfires in 2009 might of had some influence in the extra numbers. A theory I read don’t know how much truth there is to it. I am looking at my little herd and trying to think the best way to keep it going. You never know when a group of hunters may stumble on them and take them all out just for a few antlers and backstraps.

The last one I harvested every last piece of meat was used. I even lashed out and bought (a real cheapy) meat mincer. That was hard work it need lots of grinding sharpening of the parts and even then the sinue blocks the cutters so quickly. Any tips here would be appreciated.

The dogs and foxes will only get a few meals its all gone either quickly or its gone off quickly to the flies,wasps and other insects, crows. The plus side is the wedge tails get into it real quick.

G’day Sungazer mate when I do a killer if I want to mince any shin or sinuey meat I cut it into chunks small enough to fit into the mincer then half freeze it then mince should fix most of it for you if your blade and cutter face are not well fitted then you will have a similar problem but freezing it should fix some of that

Culling animals has proven it’s only a quick fix if the authorities were serious then all this land would be opened to hunting this culling will not play into the wild dog situation or no more than cats, pigs or any other feral that eats meat but on the other side it does untold good to native animals as they get a reprieve from being hunted by ferals Another way is put a bounty on them or start a small industry if possible our local council took the bounty off wild dogs and now you see them anywhere even in the center of our small town when its dry and food is slim they start taking domestic dogs and animals for food wild dogs are a man made problem from the beginning and if hunters are not allowed to access these ferals both dogs and deer then no matter how much culling you don’t do then the number of ferals will still grow at least culling does help the native animals to a small degree

Yeh, I think the dogs will be fed for about a week. Then back to the usual tucker. Probably good to have a controlled cull in some areas. Best solution is to open up a few more NPs to stalking, (even for just a few months a year) hunters generally take the meat home.
Whatever happend, sambar deer are here for good now. Too well established to eradicate now.

They could open up more area for hunters, truly I dont think it would have much impact. There is a lot more area than I ever really thought was available at first. Like I thought there was absolutely no hunting in any National Park. There are a good number of deer in the fringe areas now where true hunting is not really possible private land small blocks ect the deer are doing well in those areas now but I think there increased presence will bring them back as more of these land owners invite friends up for a hunt ect.

@anon19591382 thanks for the tips. I did actually cut it into small chunks and got as much of the sinue trimmed first. I have watched the butchers do a few of my cows before. By accident one of the rear legs was a bit icy. The fridge I let them age in must of had a bit more of a colder spot. I think more sharpening may be some of the answer and to motorize.

Yeah Good-O sungazer no doubt you’ll sort it mate mine gets a little like yours when it gets a little blunt as well

There’s no permanent fix for ferals anyway especially if they intend to lock hunters out of areas that can be hunted they have to realise hunters account for many ferals taken and they are a permanent cull in motion hunters aren’t the silver bullet but they do keep numbers down all they have to do is make it worth while for the hunters and the hunters will step it up a notch I presume as with fox