Decisions, Decisions...

So… I’m keen to order this new stock. Been Eyeing off the GRS Hybrid Left Hand, black inlet to be insetted for Howa RH short action with a fat arsed cannon barrel on it.

Then I check GRS site… In the time I have been “saving” for the Hybrid, GRS have changed their line up and now have a Sporter which is available in left hand and is $265 cheaper! WooHoo!!!

Then, a new club member hears me saying I’m waiting for my new stock before I start shooting for the season and offers me a Master copied Anshutts 1913 stock… what to do!?!

this is the stock on offer…

this is the “Sporter” left hand in “Nordic Wolf” colour.

This is the Hybrid … I’d be going the Mountain Camo option…

The “sporter” has updated hardware for stock adjustment…

Its not a bad looking stock but for what you need you would have to make a few modifications, which are not that hard to do.
You really need a stock that has a flat underside of the but. It needs to sit in a rear bag and slide (recoil) backwards without changing your elevation. So the bottom of the butt must be flat (not sloped) and parallel with the barrel line.
Also the forearm of the stock under the barrel also needs to be flat not sloped like in the GRS Sporter. As it also need to recoil back in the front rest without changing your elevation.

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Yep. My thoughts as well…

Also, I want some adjustment for comb height and butt plate height and cast/cant. By the time I do all that, finish the stock and bed it, I will be up for quite a bit and it will take quite a while with everything I need to do. Hardware for comb adjustment and butt stock adjustment aren’t exactly cheap and I would want them fit nicely. No something I have to patience or motivation to screw with right now to get the finish I want. I want a finished looking rifle… and I just like the GRS ergonomics principles…

GRS also have a new composite stock, the Bi-frost. Looks great and available in left hand but not for Howa actions… :cry:

So the left handed stocks are only available as blanks in Australia and it doesn’t seem like anyone wants to go the extra distance to order one from Norway. This means I’d have to buy the stock and then get it inletted. Doable but a bit of a worry… what if the inletting is buggered up!?!

I can order one from a shop in Norway but it is a special order and will take a month or two from factory to shop and then shipping to Australia.

Do i wait the time and get a factory inletted job that is guaranteed to be right or bite the bullet and take the (small) chance that my new stock may get a slightly off inlet???

Arghhhh!!! I wish i didn’t have to shoot left handed!!!

I think the hard part would be finding someone who knows what they’re doing unless one of the members can point you in the right direction.

Good gunsmith are usually booked up for a couple of months in advance so it might even be quicker to do a factory order.

Are there any extra costs with the factory order?

Just the shipping which is about the same as postage and inletting cost. I was planning to send it to a member on another forum who has a stock copying machine to copy the inlet.

Get the factory job and be patient. Find your Zen in the moment

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But but but… i wanna shoot iiiit!!! :disappointed::frowning::rofl:

I think from seeing Trekins work (pics of it at least) that he would be a fairly safe bet, any minor imperfections can be fixed up when you bed it.

up to you though really…

Yeah. I’d be pretty confident but…

If I can do a full inlet including barrel channel I recon nearly anyone could. You look to be pretty handy on the tools as shown by your knives.

Laminate is a pretty difficult medium to work with and I’ve got too much going on to risk screwing it up.

So any way you look at it, unless you DIY, you’ll have to wait for a few months… Why not just order from factory and be done with it?

Or systematically call all smiths that we’ve accumulated in a different post and ask them, that’s another option.

I have already kind’a lined up Trekin to do it but that was before I knew I could get it direct from Norway…

Might have to touch base with him and find out expected turn around, etc.