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How was he meant to protect himself?

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It was a year ago today that David Dunstan’s story started.

He was the guy in rural NSW who apprehended an armed intruder who was trying to get into his home in the middle of the night, only to have the police come back to David’s house the next day to take HIS guns and licence off him.

This story quickly went national. It was so outrageous, it was covered by mainstream TV (twice on The Project ), metropolitan radio and the major daily newspapers who saw no sense his deplorable treatment - especially as David’s calm and sensible approach meant no-one got hurt. The story also got its fair share of international coverage, including by the NRA.

The NSW Deputy Premier, John Barilaro, could see the political problem this presented, flew down to meet David and promised to have the laws which led to this situation, reviewed.

A year later, that is yet to happen. While Mr Barilaro referred the matter to the Law and Safety Committee of NSW Parliament in November 2017, that committee is yet to even start looking at it. That’s because it has been tied up with another matter, which we understand will finish next month.

So while the delay is frustrating and hard to understand, we’re hopefully getting closer to finally having this important matter finally dealt with.

We’ll keep you posted on what happens and what you can do - as there is no doubt the antis will jump in and have their say too.


So really, situation normal.

Seems that way doesn’t it.

But did he have his licence reinstated or not?

Yeah, about six weeks after the incident.
I’m sure it was only because of the massive public outcry.

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