Dating your Winchester rifle

Just had to date and confirm a model on something (you can probably guess what I did, again cough) and stumbled on this site, thought it could be useful.

When was Your Winchester Made?

This is also sort of useful:

Well I was way off on the direction this thread was going.


Unfortunately neither link can help me with my mod 70…dating the yom for this rifle is like hunting a unicorn!!! :rofl:

Does it not have a serial number? Or at least not the original one from the factory?

Go here: -
Model 70 on page 30. You’ll have to work out your own way to download/scan the pages, 35 in total.

Found another link here:-

This one allows you to download and save the pdf. Much better :slight_smile:

Yeah its got one but it’s a G prefix followed by only 5 numbers and all the sights I’ve tried don’t list it. I’ve been told everything from “its a custom shop” to “your full of shit that serial number doesn’t exist” :thinking:
Will try the links @oldag gas provided and see how it goes :beers:
Nope nothing even close to my number I can see :grinning: (thanks any way oldag)

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If it’s Gxxxxx, then that puts it in he range G1 - G941900, meaning it is in the first year of the G prefix = 1969

I am very certain its not a1969 mod 70. ( I wish it was especially in the condition it’s in for a .243 :grinning:)
the g prefix in 69 didn’t start at G 1 and they didn’t make almost a million mod 70 rifles in 69 and then only 16000 odd in 1970. I’m guessing but I think it’s probably a mid 90’s USRAC era rifle (post olin but still produced in New Haven) the USRAC I believe had the license from around 93- 98. Unfortunately as the link ya provided said with the license changing hands so many times it’s hard to track some records :beers:

It was only a wild stab in the dark that the first number was 1 (clearly not), but the last number was 941900.
Given the last serials for 1970, there were 16095 made, and 1971 60,996 made.
I have a mid 90s Model 70 in 6.5x55, serial G204xxxx, so yours doesn’t come anything like close to that number range.
I say G and 5 digits = 1969.

Sorry oldag I should add it’s a"classic" series. The first G prefixed model 70 in 1969 (from the hours I’ve spent looking) was about 928000. I don’t think the classics were produced until the 90’s. As I said I wish I had a fifty year old model 70 but there is no way this rifle is that old. :grinning:

If it was produced in the 90s, then that’s pretty easy. Email Winchester. If they don’t know, it’s game over, but if it’s 90s - they should know.

Some photos would help too, with proof markings, etc. Then we get Chief Resident Gun Geek on it (@no1mk3).

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That does make a difference :smile:
This from the WinchesterCollectors forum: -

The DOM charts for the post 1980 (USRACo) manufactured Model 70 rifles are not available. You need to call the Customer Support number here -

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G’day All,
Daddybangs rifle is a post-92 Classic, when they returned to the controlled feed system of the pre-64 rifles. These were made with a G prefix 5 digit serial. Later the large extractor was replaced with a smaller extractor from the push feed series allowing a controlled feed system that could over-ride a round without risking extractor damage which is the big problem of Mauser 98 actions. Sadly, I know of no online resource for dating the Classic series, but if you contact Winchester customer support they can help you. My only Model 70 is 1964, first of the new push feeds in 225 Win, a very good light game rifle in a really failed (but excellent) calibre. (such things suit me!) Cheers;


I tried winchester a few years ago but they were unable to provide anything definitive but might try again. Thanks No1 you’ve given me some extra info I wasn’t aware of re the crf and confirmed that I’m at least in the right decade!! :rofl::beers: