Dangers of smoking meth

A looooota crack went into this, err, I don’t know, just this…


So how much did you end up paying for it? Or did you swap for crystal? :rofl:

First of all, you don’t trade, you suck for meth, you’re such a n00b @JSS. I have 39m thank you very much.

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Sorry…I’ll go steal some golf balls & garden hose and get working on my suction levels right away. Might even get a pair of these for an added edge Atta Girl Knee Pads (Parody) - YouTube

And granted you may have one already (i’m surprised it’s only one TBH), BUT does yours have an awesome story like this freaks masterpiece???

Is that you Lawrence? :thinking:

Aaaahhhhtuuuallly, I’ll pop that in the lounge. Maybe 4/10 compared to that story, but it’s better than nothing.

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