Dangerous Game Rifles

Who here has a ’ dangerous game ’ rifle? I’m talking your 375 h&h, 416 rigby, 404 jeffery 505 gibbs and the nitro express’s?

Toying with the idea of a 375 H&H :thinking:

I’ve got a sako 85 kodiak in 375 H&H. Have had plans to get into big game rifle comp at some point.

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When i hear sako i hear quality, what a nice looking rifle

Mate in the rifle club has a Ruger #1 (i think) in 375 H&H. Wasn’t as savage to shoot as expected but i think it has a recoil reducer fitted.
Not cheap to shoot, though! :hushed:

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No, don’t need it. A .30-06 will do me in Victoria.

A ruger no1 :heart_eyes: jelous! Always wanted to see one in the flesh

It is very pretty. He had a custom stock made for it.

Mmmm I’d love Ruger #1 in 45-70 or 375 H&H, but I don’t want to pay for it. :confused:

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I’d have to sell both my kidneys to buy one haha

Don’t be silly. Just one.

Had one when I was younger, a Langs underlever with back-action sidelocks in 450/400 3 1/4 BPE, sold it due to lack of use. A friend has a CZ in 585 Nyati which I have used, thought it significant but not as punishing as the 375H&H in a lighter rifle. Still kicking myself for selling that one, really regret it.