Daddy needs a Nerf Gun

First off Merry Christmas everyone. The spwan gon her first gun a nerf gun for Christmas as a stocking stuffer well actually from Santa at Gun Club :joy: A sungazer initiative.

So well daddy needs a gun to make it an interesting game. I had read a post a wile ago about different model guns you guys had trailed and tested. also I remember that there were some that could have some mods done that greatly improved performance. I reckon I can get this passed the boss lady in charge of finances. Just like all the $2 components and the one or two more expensive bits for my Christmas project an induction annealer.

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Looks like it will be a shoot out at the Sungazer homestead.
I wonder who will win, age and experience or youth and enthusiasm :innocent::joy:.

Either way there will be lots of fun to be had.

Merry Christmas to you and the family.

Nerf wars are heaps of fun. Keeping the darts in good condition is really important to get decent performance. You can buy the foam and make your own if you get really keen.

There’s heaps of info on modding nerfs out there.
Whenever I need one I just pick up one at an Op shop, mod it as required then give it to a Niece or Nephew when the party is over.
The plunger operated ones respond well to a strip and clean, removal of restrictors and using airgun silicon oil on the washer.