CZ 600 (new bolt action rifles from Cz)

I am kinda interested in the Trail version, dare I say it, I will probably replace one of mine with this :slight_smile:

CZ 600 TRAIL (

There are a bunch of other versions, but I am a little excited about this one.

From 4:09 NEW CZ 600 Centrefire Rifles, “Alpha”, “Ergo”, “Range”, “Lux” and “Trail” in 308/223 on the range! - YouTube/

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Damn that’s ugly.

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I like it.

You need help, that is so ugly it makes me look sexy

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I probably like the look of the Range model. The Trail seems a bit different. Wonder what pricing will be like?

Haters gonna hate… As a plinking fun gun with a relatively cheap intermediate cartridge, I think the Trail version is going to be fantastic bucket of fun. Horse for course of course, all depends on your use case.

USA pricing for it and the range model is somewhere in USD1200 range. Here, I’m guessing just shy of $2k.

Considering something reflectively similar, like Tikka CTR, that goes for $1600+ I reckon I’m in the right ballpark with the price estimate. I can see selling my 7615 to replace with this.

I think it would be a neat little package to take out camping. Pity we won’t get them in the communist state of WA, Just another reason to leave.

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How cool would it be to have that in a straight pull or lever release. Mmmmmmm

Wondering if it will be too scary :anguished: for some states appearance laws? Also interested in overall length.

10mm too short for NT :frowning:

A wooden knob. I love me some hard wooden knob. I like the way it feels in my hand. A good knob on the end of some good wood. I like it.


Well, seems like everyone is now adverting Cz 600 models ($1700 - jusst shy of $2k) excluding of course the Trail version. There goes that idea. :’(

Surely those collapsing stocks are going to a no no!??!

I think it’s the overall length that got it. Stock are legal in most places.

No wood, No good…